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Pierre | French Bulldog | Calimesa, CA | In-Training

Meet Pierre! He is an eight month old French Bulldog who has joined us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Pierre is here for basic obedience and leash pulling. He is an affectionate, loving boy who will work on his behavior with hopes of becoming a well mannered pup! Check in to see his fourteen day progress!


Pierre and I spent the day getting to know each other. Once we settled in at home, Pierre took a little nap in my living room. Shortly after, I let him walk around the house so he can begin adjusting to his new environment. We also went out on a walk and Pierre was introduced to Heel. As you saw at his pickup, Pierre did not want to walk with his leash around his neck since he is used to a harness. It took a little time but Pierre was able to follow through and he is now adjusting well to his leash!


Pierre was introduced to Place today to build his confidence. I used my valve cover box and my platform step stool which were low enough for him to Place on. Pierre had no trouble getting onto the box, but he did require a little guidance getting onto the step stool. By giving his back legs a little boost, Pierre began to understand what I was asking, and he was able to follow through!


Pierre was introduced to Come to Sit today. We practiced with his kibble and leash tension. Pierre would stop as soon as he reached my right side, so I began to guide him with leash tension to have him go around behind me. To have him fully Sit on my left, I lured Pierre with his kibble and he quickly caught on. Pierre worked on a few sessions throughout the day and is showing good progress the more we practice!


Pierre was introduced to Down today. Since it is a submissive position, it takes time and patience to teach. I used leash tension as guidance towards the ground, and gently kept his back from getting up by placing my hand directly above it. It took a few attempts with breaks in between, but Pierre accomplished his Down!


Pierre and I worked on his Extended Place today. As soon as I would take a step back, Pierre would come out of it and start coming towards me. To work him through it, instead of moving one foot back for five seconds, I worked in increments of three seconds. It made a difference in helping Pierre follow through, and I can now increase distance and move around him as he maintains his position!


Pierre worked in a more public setting today and adjusted well to the environment around him. Pierre had a good Extended Place and Sit session around different dog distractions, kids running around, and people passing us by. For the next couple of days, Pierre will practice what he knows with his leash dragging, in order to have him work completely off leash by the beginning of next week. With this week nearly coming to a close, it is great to know that Pierre has learned all of his commands!


Pierre and I went out for a walk around my neighborhood today without me holding on to his leash. During our first few attempts, Pierre would get ahead of me, so instead of using leash tension, I turned around and asked him to Heel. It took a few tries but Pierre began to comprehend what I was asking and is doing better as we continue working on it!


Pierre and I have been working on his Door Manners since day one of training. As soon as I would open any door, Pierre would want to be the first one to go through. To condition Pierre into not doing that, I ask him to Sit before I open the door, but if he gets up, the door will close. We began practicing in increments of five seconds which increased the more he understood what I was asking. The goal is set at two minutes and Pierre has effectively reached that mark!


Pierre and I drove out to a local park to work on his off leash conditioning. He did really well throughout our walk and was able to maintain his Heel the whole time! I also worked on his recall in between our walk by stopping and asking him to Come. Pierre did stop behind me a couple of times, but we kept trying until he was able to catch on! We also worked on some Sit and Down exercises with some distance, which Pierre was able to do successfully!


Pierre and I met with other trainers today and worked off leash around dog distractions. He practiced his Heel, Come to Sit, and his Extended Sit. Pierre did really well for it being his first time around dogs with no leash on. His Come to Sit needed a little clean up and it looked better today after working on it a few times. Pierre will continue working on more sessions like this as he moves one step closer to his Final!


Pierre and I worked on a few practice runs today and he was outstanding! He adjusted very well to the distractions around him and he even worked on his Greeting Manners. He was also complimented on his behavior and his looks on multiple occasions. Pierre is ready for his Final and filming it will be our main focus for the next few days.


Pierre worked on his Final today which he did really well with. During our walk from the parking garage to the shopping center, I noticed his Heel needed a little work so we practiced a few times to get it cleaned up. Pierre also assisted other trainers by serving as a distraction for their dogs while working on his Extended Sit and Extended Down. Pierre had a great session today and I enjoy watching him progress in his training!


Pierre and I worked on a few warm up exercises before filming his Final. Throughout our walk, we worked on his Sit, Down, and his Come to Sit randomly. Shortly after, we took a quick break and began his Final. Pierre put on a great performance and did an amazing job! I am very proud of the outcome and how far he has come along throughout the time he has been with me! Pierre has shown great potential and has transitioned into a well mannered pup!


Pierre has completed his Two Week Board and Train Program and is ready to go home! It was a pleasure working with Pierre and I want to thank you for trusting me with him these last fourteen days. I am looking forward to showing you everything he has learned with me, and I am sure Pierre will be excited to reunite with his brother Louis!


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