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Phoebe | Goldendoodle | Valley Village, CA

This is Phoebe the 5 month old Goldendoodle from Valley Village, CA. She is a sweet, playful, cuddly girl whose high energy gets in the way of her ability to listen and focus. She is a big ball of energy and is having trouble with nipping, potty training, and her general obedience. She is all settled in with us for our two week Board and Train program and I can't wait to see how much she grows in the next 14 days!


Pupdate 04/12/2020

Phoebe is getting all settled in her new digs for the next two weeks! She had a little exploration/play session in the backyard to get more familiar and is coming out of her shell. She had a bit of an upset stomach on the drive home from drop off but has been feeling good since. Super excited to see how she does in her first lesson tomorrow!


Pupdate 04/13/2020

Phoebe did great in her first day of training! She not only ate well, slept through the night. and was an angel in her kennel throughout the day but did fantastic in her lessons. She got really far for her first day. She is already grasping the foundation for come, heel, off, and sit! I am very excited to see how far she is going to get in the next few days.


Pupdate 04/14/2020

Phoebe did stellar today in her second day of training, we continued on all the fundamentals and had some neighbor dog distractions to work her through! She is one happy peppy girl. She also got to meet one of her temporary siblings, Nico. They hit it off right away and played chase for a good half an hour before getting tired. She needs a little work on how she first approaches new dogs but after that she is an incredibly appropriate. Her eating, sleeping, kenneling, and going potty are all great!


Pupdate 04/15/2020

Phoebe was a busy bee today! We did several lessons and several play sessions and she is all tuckered out! We worked primarily on sharpening her heel and getting some distance with her sit. She also learned the fundamentals for Down. She is coming along awesome!


Pupdate 04/16/2020

The little mamma is doing great! We focused on teaching her the command Place today and then used it to do some confidence building by getting her up on this light post! She is really catching on to the system. She is still easily overwhelmed and needs some more confidence boosting, but I am so excited to see how far she will come in the next week!


Pupdate 04/17/2020

Phoebe practiced her Heel and Sit in high distractions in front of Home Depot today. She had quite a bit of trouble at first, all the sights, sounds, and movement were a bit overwhelming for her. However, after about 5-10 minutes working her through everything she's learned, she ended up totally confident and happy and then proceeded to rock her lesson. Keeping her eye on me, waiting for her next command, even when there was another dog that wanted to play and two women absolutely mooning over how cute she is!


Pupdate 04/18/2020

Miss Phoebe is doing awesome! She is starting to respond to her name pretty consistently, she is going potty on command, happy in her kennel, and doing fantastic at paying attention to me in public! She still has moments of confusion here and there, but when she is in the zone she is rocking it. Today we worked on her Heel, Sit, and Place commands, and even got some compliments on her behavior from some passersby.


Pupdate 04/19/2020

Phoebe is working hard! We worked on her Place command and her Heel today. She is a happy smart girl! Her Heel, Sit, Place are all getting pretty sharp. We are working on getting some distance from her during her Place, she is quite a "Velcro" pup, so she has some difficulty staying put when she wants some pets. She is coming along fast though!


Pupdate 04/20/2020

Phoebe worked in on her Heel, Sit, Come, Place, and Break with a big distraction today, her new best-friend Nico! She had a hard time at first wanting badly to engage with him but started using the impulse control she has been learning to rock her lesson!


Pupdate 04/21/2020

Phoebe did a whole backyard session with Nico and Toy's as distractions off-leash and did awesome. She practiced Place, Come, Heel, Sit, and Break like a champ. She is coming along very nicely. Her down still needs a little work so that will be our focus tomorrow but other then that its going to mostly just be repetitions and practice for the next couple days before her final video!


Pupdate 04/22/2020

We worked almost all day exclusively on the little mamma's Down. She really struggles on doing it at distance. We were doing a lot of what's called a back-tie. This is when a lead is fastened to something and holds her back so that she can't run to me when I ask her to do a command and she made a ton of progress she can't wait to show off in her video tomorrow!


Pupdate 04/23/2020

Miss phoebe is doing really fantastic! She is one sharp girl. We worked on more of her Down this morning and then integrated it in with the rest of her obedience this afternoon. She doesn't need the lead for any of her commands anymore, she does get a little over zealous sometimes. She often tries to guess what you'll be asking her to do next. Which while cute and well intentioned it's a habit we are going to work on tomorrow!


Pupdate 04/24/2020

Today we went to an empty school parking lot and we worked on her duration and distance for her Down and Sits as well as switching between the two. She is all ready to work on her final video tomorrow!


Pupdate 04/25/2020

We worked on the little mamma's final video today, she is a champ and all ready to show off for mom and dad tomorrow morning!


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