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Phoebe | 9 Months Old | German Shorthaired Pointer | Santa Monica | In Training

Phoebe is our newest member of the Off Leash team joining us for our two week board and train program. She has a solid understanding of basic commands to start so we will be focusing on increasing her focus and accountability on and off the leash. She is very eager to begin training.


Pupdate 08/03/2020

Out practicing heel at a local park getting our cardio on and really getting used to the E-Collar. Phoebe is a sensitive pup so we have been operating at minimal correction numbers.


Pupdate 08/04/2020


Pupdate 08/05/2020

Phoebe didn't finish all of her first meal but worked up an appetite after our training session. She is improving on heel and starting to pull less with the help of the E-Collar. She is a sensitive pup so low numbers work just fine.


Pupdate 08/06/202

Trip to a local school to practice heel around light distractions. Phoebe is improving with her leash manners daily.


Pupdate 08/07/2020

Pack walk helping teach Phoebe not to react so much to the dogs around her and to focus on her heel command more.


Pupdate 08/08/2020


Pupdate 08/09/2020

Phoebe out on our night walk. Showing she has a solid foundation of the fundamental commands out on our evening stroll.


Pupdate 08/10/2020


Pupdate 08/11/2020

Enjoying our long walks today! Phoebe went a lot of miles and she is feeling tired now! She's gonna sleep like a baby tonight after all of the hard work she did today!


Pupdate 08/12/2020

Out practicing place with Duchess today! Really showing improvement in her overall control.


Pupdate 08/13/2020


Pupdate 08/14/2020

Phoebe kept a pretty stable weight the entire time she was with me. Even though we were walking lots of miles and working hard every day, she ate more than her fill of calories insuring she had the energy she needed to get through some of our longer training session!


Pupdate 08/15/2020

Killing it off leash all around today while we were filming. Phoebe has made great progress the last two weeks in her ability to maintain focus and control.



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