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Peggy Sue | Pug | Fillmore, CA | In Training

Meet Peggy Sue! She is a 6 month old pug from Fillmore, California here for our Two Week Board and Train program! Peggy Sue is a sweet playful pup who likes to jump on guests and struggles coming when called. She also has not been introduced to leash pressure yet so we will spend the first few days focusing on her leash manners and the desensitization process. Over the next two weeks, Peggy Sue will learn how to behave on leash and off leash, how to properly greet people and other dogs, and how to be the pup he can be! Stay tuned for Peggy Sue's Two week transformation!


Pupdate 01/15/23

Peggy Sue and I headed of to a local park to get acquainted and see what she knew. It took us a long time to walk over to the park as she has never felt leash pressure other than on a harness. She wanted to either pull to the end of the leash or stop completely in her tracks. When bicycles passed or anyone ran by she seemed nervous and wanted to get away. She also struggled getting into a sit or down when asked. We then headed home to let her get acclimated to her new environment and will get started with some training this afternoon focusing on teaching leash manners first. She is so sweet and loving and I am looking forward to working with her!


Pupdate 01/16/23

Peggy Sue and I started off some training

in home this morning and focused on teaching leash manners and leash pressure. Once she started to get the hang of things we introduced the remote collar and her come to sit command. She did well with coming into my space but struggled popping into a sit so you will see me at times add a little pressure to her butt to help her pop into that sit command. She is starting to walk better on the leash and understand that the pressure of the leash turns on when she stops and turns off as soon as we get moving! 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/17/23

Peggy Sue and I practiced some training in home and around the neighborhood. She is picking up on her “heel” command quickly but does struggle at times still wanting to sniff. We introduced her place command today as well. Place is any elevated object or surface within a defined boundary. The expectation for place is for her to hangout and hold that position until I release her. She has been doing great with her potty training so far and we have only had one accident on the first day. She did much better with the leash pressure today. At times she still pushes back against it but she quickly remembers what is being asked. She is a sweet and loving pup who has settled in well. 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/18/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to meet up with some other trainers and practice around distractions. She did much better walking today and holding her sit command but at times she showed some timidness. For example, when a bicycle passed by, stroller rolled by, new dogs came in the picture she had a tendency to hit the end of the leash and try to get away. After about 20 minutes she settled in and did much better but still was cautious. We will get her out to as many new places and focus on her being confident and comfortable in new environments! 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/19/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple different local parks and then went home to focus on her down command. While out today we worked on dragging the leash during her heel command and her staying tight on my left side when I ask her to sit. At times she likes to do a little spin and sit sideways so I will reinforce with the leash to get her into the proper position. It is also important that she doesn’t sit sideways in a “lazy sit” so her hips can last forever! While working on downs she struggled wanting to go all the way down. Even holding place she has a tendency to fall asleep in a seated position. We will continue working on it with her and pushing her to be the best she can be! 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/20/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple

Local parks and then back to home work on her downs again. I attached a couple photos from out at the park and a short video with a voiceover. We worked on finding new place objects and her dragging the leash while out today. You will see with her down command she is struggling getting into it. I have even seen her fall asleep on place sitting up instead of going into a down so it is still new and uncommon to her but something we are focusing on heavily! 


Pupdate 01/21/23

Peggy Sue and I started off some training at home to work on her down command. Today was huge for her as she was able to get into that position with just leash pressure. At times she still avoids and likes to sneak to the side of me or behind me so now that she understands it we will work on tightening everything up from here and removing the leash pressure over the next few days. We also worked on some leash dragging at lowes and a local park. At times when she sees new things she stops in her tracks and checks it out but does not show any fear or timidness just more of a what is this. We will continue exposing her to as many new environments and socialization opportunities as possible. She is a favorite everywhere we go and gets all the compliments!

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/22/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple different local parks and then back home to focus on her downs again. She is 50/50 now and as you will see throughout the video we are working on her not avoiding that command. When I ask for it she likes to spin or take a couple steps back and we are focusing on keeping her tight and on our left side. She is doing great holding and rarely needs a reminder to get back into position. She did great dragging the leash but did get spooked when a small flock of birds flew close by to her. 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/23/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple local parks today. We focused on dragging the leash  and tightening up her sits and downs. We have removed leash pressure from downs and just now need a point down to the ground. She still likes to sneak behind or off to the side at times so I will pick up the leash to tighten her up and then let it drag after. We are also working on sending her to place from a distance. New place objects seem to throw her off but due to her size it is hard to find new ones to practice on. As we see them at new parks we are working on it. 


Pupdate 01/24/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple local parks to work on all of her commands dragging the leash. She did much better today staying tight on the left side when asking for her sit and down command. She only occasionally scooted herself back but she also then started to fix herself today which is what we were working towards. She did get spooked when 2 German shepherds came by barking and she hit the end of her long leash which I was able to step on. It took her about 30 seconds to get back into the swing of things and pay no mind to the barking dogs passing by. We then headed home to work on her door manners. With the door manners I need her to hold that position no matter what I am doing outside. Grabbing groceries, a leash, or just grabbing something out of my car quickly. It is important that she knows even though the front door is open you cannot bolt through. 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/25/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to Glendale to work around some other trainers and dogs. She did fantastic dragging the leash and paid no mind to the people passing by and kids playing at the playground. She did freeze up when a bicycle rode by quickly but did not run. There was a large German shepherd that barked at her and it spooked her but we were able to get her back to working quickly. Our main focus the next few days is going to be finding new place objects for her and her holding her sit and down command first time when asked. 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/26/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to a couple local parks to work on all of her commands off leash. She did fantastic today with the exception of the occasional loud noise but she would get back to working quickly. When she hears a loud noise she does a spin and stop but with a tap on the remote she gets back into position. She did great on new place objects and has become a master at her come command. She has a tendency to want to break her down command when we first start training but after a 5 minute warm up she does great holding and needs no reminders. She did have a loose stool today so I will keep an eye on that. 

_______________________________________________ Pupdate 01/27/23

Peggy Sue and I headed off to Santa Monica to work on all of her commands around distractions. When we first arrived, the wood pier threw her off but after about 5 minutes she did great. She paid little to no mind to all the dogs and people passing by but did struggle on a new place object. We will work on finding a few more new ones over the next two days to push her through that. We then headed home to work on her food manners which she has become a master at! 


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