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Great Pyrenees - Dog Training | Patty | Sun Valley, CA

Patty, a Great Pyrenees Mix, from Sun Valley, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Program. Patty was trained by dog trainer Amanda Lascari in La Habra, CA​

Patty, a 9 month old Pyrenees Mix, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Patty is a sweet girl who loves every person she meets. She jumps when greeting and is a bit timid when socializing with other dogs. Over the next 2 weeks Patty Will be working on her off leash obedience, manners, and socialization. Check in to see her progress!


Pupdate 08/24/2020


Pupdate 8/25/2020

Patty practicing the place command. This is a great command for 1) confidence building and 2) being calm and just relaxing. It teaches her to sit or lay on an object. She is still hesitant around my pack of dogs, but she is slowly coming around. Patty will follow them around to see what their doing.


Pupdate 8/26/2020

Today patty and I worked on commands at home. She practiced more of come to sit and place. I think Place is her favorite commands by far. She loves hopping up on the dog cots and sitting. She is warming up and becoming more social around the dogs. Her loves running around and playing with my dachshund, Pippi.


Pupdat: 8/27/20

Took Patty to the park to work on commands. We practiced her loose leash walk. She did very well and caught on very quick. Still needs some fine tuning but she hardly pulls now.


Pupdate: 8/28/2020

Today I took Patty with me to grab a few things at Lowe’s. We worked on Heel, Sit, and Place. She placed on a new object, a wobbly cart. She was hesitant at first because it teetered and rolled, but once I showed her it was ok she hopped right on it. She walked by my side the entire time without pulling and sat politely and patiently as we waited in the checkout line.


Pupdate: 8/29/2020

Today Patty and I went to a local church to work on commands. We practiced a new command today, Down. She wasn’t too thrilled about doing this command. She fought and resisted most of the time but once she did it and realized what I was asking her to do was so easy, she began doing on her own without me helping her. We practiced heel as well, tightening up a close walk with turns and pace changes.


Pupdate: 8/30/2020

Today Patty and I went to the park to work on commands. She practiced come to sit, place, down, and heel. Today was her first day at starting to become off leash. We practiced heel without me holding onto the leash. She walked by my side the entire time without getting distracted or trying to pull ahead.


Pupdate: 8/31/2020

Patty training at Lowe‘s with her buddy Leia.


Pupdate 9/1/2020

Patty loves playing with her little friend, Pippi. She is doing great with her off leash training. We are working on her holding the commands longer or until I release from it. She just wants to be at my side, so she tends to break command if I walk too far away from her.


Pupdate: 9/2/2020

Today patty land I practiced her off leash training at a local school playground. After all her hard work, we went to my family’s restaurant for lunch where patty practiced place/duration down.


Pupdate 9/3/2020

Today Patty and I went to a local park to work on off leash commands. She is doing an amazing job with her training!


Pupdate 9/4/2020



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