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Paco | Cockapoo | Hermosa Beach, CA

Meet Paco the Cockapoo. He is here for a 2-Week Board and Train. He’s happy, playful and energetic pup who has many great qualities. He with us just to work on a few small problem areas. The first is a refresher on potty training rules. Secondly, to help with his jumping habit. We’re going to make his best qualities shine and help him with the areas that can use a little work. Keep an eye out on his 14-Day transformation!

________________________________________ Pupdate 10/24/2021

Today was Paco’s introduction to some of his new surroundings. First my home and then a little in the surroundings outside. He is such a neat little dog with an awesome color to boot! He is affectionate and is opening more every minute I spend with him. I see a lot of potential that I can’t wait to tap into. Day 1 is in the books and tomorrow the fun begins!

Pupdate 10/25/2021

Today Paco and I got a little rained out, but in the end we still got a good first day of training in. My parking garage provided the perfect distraction free environment. He will come and sit sometimes, so we will work on making those look even better as the next few days pass. I will make training fun and exciting for Paco so that all his good qualities become great and his problem areas get worked out. Keep and eye on his daily improvement.

Pupdate 10/26/2021

Today Paco and I trained out in Sherman Oaks. The park we were at was super busy and a little windy, which provided plenty of distractions for him. He is responding much better to the e-collar and sitting by my side. I love his energy and plan to continue to use that for engagement and fun during training. Great overall session!

Pupdate 10/27/2021

Paco and I met up with Katie and Rafael today. Paco and Rafael were happy to see each other. Once we got past introductions we went to work. Paco’s Come and Heel are starting to come along. We still have to work more and his Sit and a lot more on Down. I am working a lot to build up Paco’s confidence and he’s improving every day! We finished up our session with doing some on leash Heeling with both Rafael and Paco together. Keep an eye out for our next joint training session.

Pupdate 10/28/2021

Today Paco and I went down the 2nd & PCH Shopping Center in Long Beach. We worked on his Place command on some cool objects. It was great to see Paco experience a new place in public with stores, people, and a few dogs here and there. He still needs some help with his Down command, but even that has improved from day one. I look forward to tapping into his potential with the remainder of his time with me.

Pupdate 10/29/2021

Today Paco and I worked through all of the commands. He is still slow on his Down, but he is improving. Everything else seems to be coming together for him. It’s almost the end of the first week and he has had great improvement in this first week. We will continue to improve on everything in week 2 get him Off Leash ready!

Pupdate 10/30/2021

Today Paco and I hit a local shopping center. Continued to work on all he has learned in his first week. Paco tends to spook easily, so sometimes it takes him a moment to regain his focus. This coming week we will work with more distractions while proofing what he knows. I am excited for week two!!!

Pupdate 10/31/2021

Today was a Sunday Funday for Paco. We took our normal walks and got some training in during and after our walks. I let him have some fun today by playing with my cat Gimli. He loves playing with him and keeps things nice and light for him. Paco enjoyed his self today. Next week we work on taking him to the next level!

Pupdate 11/1/2021

Today was a solid training day for Paco. He is still struggling a little with his Down command but I have confidence it will be squared away in the next few days. We will continue to tighten up his Heel command in the next few days. Overall though things are starting to click for him. Watch as his transformation progresses throughout this week!

Pupdate 11/2/2021

It was a solid training day for Paco today. His Down command is coming along nicely! Everything else is really starting to click for him. We are on the homestretch but still have some work to do. Paco still does get startled fairly easily, but has had some improvement from day one. I am making sure to set him up for success and trying to build up his confidence at the same time.


For today’s training we linked up with Rafael and Katie. We did Place and Heel commands together. It was great improvement from both dogs. Then we went over to Westfield Topanga for some training in an open shopping center. Paco gets a little distracted with all the extra movement that goes on but is getting quicker at regaining focus after such distraction. We will continue to clean up the loose ends this week to make Paco shine!

Pupdate 11/4/2021

Paco and I hit 2nd & PCH today. With just two more full days of training we are almost completely ready for him to go back home. He is doing really well and his confidence has been raised some! He can still get a little distracted in public settings with people and dogs going by, but he regains focus quicker and quicker. I will use the next two days to bring out the best in Paco!

Pupdate 11/5/2021

Today was Paco’a second to last day. He has come a long way and I am glad to say I can trust him off leash! He still can get a little startled with people walking behind him or noises happening suddenly. However, with the more exposure I’ve given him in public the better he has gotten. He is a happy and spunky pup and wants to do right. I will make his last day a fun one, but also one to make sure he is as crisp as possible with all his commands.

Pupdate 11/6/2021

Today was Paco’s final day of training. We went out to the Outlets at Orange for our past big training session. He has come a long was and is a fun dog to work with! Continuing to build his confidence as he gets older will be the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship. It will be a bittersweet drop off tomorrow since he has had a good impact on my household. Nonetheless I am happy to show off all his new commands!

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