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American Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dog Training | Oso | San Fernando, CA

Oso, a American Staffordshire Bull Terrier from San Fernando, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Oso Was trained by dog trainer Joey Madrid in San Fernando, CA.

Oso is a playful, sweet, 1 year-old, boy from San Fernando, Ca. He is lover of all things fun which means he isn't a fan of being told what to do. He likes to pull on the leash and bark at the world then relax by chewing on really good stuff. All while giving you puppy dog eyes! Lets see how much he learns over the next 7 days!


Pupdate 11/01/20

Oso spent his first day settling in to the house. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and worked on his e collar introduction and his first command, Recall! He has some crate anxiety but he picked up walking on the treadmill pretty fast and does love getting some good snuggling.


Pupdate 11/02/20

Oso had an exciting day learning not to jump up on guest and walk nicely around an excited 9 year old! He met my brother and nephew and worked around them. We are working on his sit, he is a stubborn boy, but he is making progress! We also taught down and place today.


Pupdate 11/03/20

Oso kept busy today with lots of walks and a field trip to meet some new people and dogs! We worked on adding objects to his place command. Worked on his heel and adding duration to his place command!


Pupdate 11/04/20

Today Oso went walking at the park watching people and dogs walk. Then we went for a walk in a new neighborhood finding more people and working on our heel. We then worked on adding distractions to his place, learning down on different surfaces and sit.


Pupdate 11/05/20

Oso got to work around other dogs in training today and meet lots of new people! We worked on his sit and heel around distractions. He is very skeptical of new men and other dogs but he's slowly learning to stay focus on the person holding the leash!


Pupdate 11/06/20

Oso had an exciting day at a new park working with another trainer and her dogs! He worked around other dogs, and little kids! We worked on adding duration to his sit and place, as well as distractions! He also worked on his food and door manners.


Pupdate 11/07/20

Oso spent his last day going to the park working around distractions. We worked on the weave poles and his food, door, and crate manners. He is all packed up and ready to go home! He got all his final good byes and massages.



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