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Oslo | Bernedoodle | Los Alamitos, CA | In-Training

Welcome Oslo the year and a half old Bernedoodle from Los Alamitos! He is here for a Two Week Board and Train Program, because he pulls on the leash, can’t focus in public, and knocks over his parents when he gets too excited. He is a sweet and loyal pup who I am so excited to work with him! Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate | 11/14/2021

Oslo had a great first day! He warmed up to us very quickly. We worked on introducing the E collar and his Come and Heel commands. He got a little whiny in the kennel at first, but settled in very nicely. We tried to feed him dinner, but he wasn’t quite hungry yet. This is perfectly normal when they first get to us. He is such a happy and sweet boy and I can not wait to start our first full day of training together tomorrow!


Pupdate 11/15/2021

Today Oslo and I trained at home around the neighborhood as we worked on his recall and obedience commands. He is responding great to the E Collar as we practiced Come to Sit, Heel, Break, and Place. Oslo has settled in nicely and is now eating and drinking regularly as well as sleeping in the kennel all night comfortably. He is a very smart boy and is picking up on his commands quickly! He is also doing great engaging with me and did a fantastic job for his first full day of training!


Pupdate 11/16/2021

Oslo and I had a great third day of training together! Today we worked on learning the rest of his seven commands which are Off and Down.He also loved his play time with his new BFF Neeko! Oslo can get a little too excited while playing, but is responding to the Off command well. We also worked on cleaning up his Heel command by weaving through weave poles to keep him close to my left side where he should be while in the Heel command. We worked a little on his off leash skills as well and he did a great job coming on command!


Pupdate 11/17/2021

Oslo and I met up with Quincy today! This is the first time he has ever had to work around another dog distraction. Within the Obedience Program a big part of my job is to get his response with distractions. The way we do this is by introducing what we call the three D’s which are Distance, Distraction, and Duration. The first half of the video we worked on leash getting him used to Quincy and working around other dogs as a Distraction. After we successfully got him working on leash with distractions we worked with him off leash! A couple times he wanted to go say Hi to trainer Haley, but when commanded he quickly recalled back to me which is great! I also worked with him on his Duration during his Down and Sit commands. He gets a little distracted, but is understanding the concept and we will continue to work on that. Today was the last day working at home and around the neighborhood.Tomorrow we are going out and about in public which will be a huge new environment for Oslo! He did a great job in todays sessions and had an absolute blast playing with new friend Quincy!!!


Pupdate 11/18/2021

Today we met up with Quincy and Bodi at The Block in Orange! Quincy and Bodi are fellow Board and Train Program pups as well. We upped the distractions today for Oslo by giving him some lessons in a big new distracting environment he has never had to work through just yet. There were a lot of new people to look at and other dogs to smell in this environment, so it was a bit challenging for Oslo but overall he did very well! He was very curious and interested in everything going on around him and that’s completely normal for him, but I want him more engaged with me than anything else. In order to do that we worked a lot on his Heel command in between all of these distractions passing by as shown in the video. We also worked on his Place, Sit, and Down commands within our three D’s (Distance, Duration and Distraction) again and he did very well holding his commands! I’m so proud of him and he had so much fun training alongside both Quincy and Bodi!


Pupdate 11/19/2021

Today we took Oslo to a local park! There were so many other dogs and people for Oslo to work through as constant distractions. We first worked more on his Heel command. He was curious of all the other dogs, but still responded to the E collar and his commands as well as his recall which is great! Since our goal is to get Oslo off leash and obedient we worked on Duration and Distance to get him obeying his commands with me as far as possible with no leash tension and with distractions. In an open grass field I commanded Oslo in either a Sit, Down, or Place command. We are taking baby steps in order for Oslo to get the concept to stay in his command until released from that command. He is catching on and I can’t wait to see more of his progress!


Pupdate 11/20/2021

Today we did Oslo’s lessons at The Newport Bay. Oslo now fully understands the concept of the E collar as well as all of his commands, so we are now working with no leash tension which is fantastic! We worked more on our Duration commands today as well as Heel in a distracting new environment. As you can see in the video I am asking Oslo to either stay in his Sit, Place, or Down command while I am at a distance and for a period of time until I release him from said command. The way we do this is by saying the command Break and that is Oslo’s release command. At one point in the video you will see me grab Oslo’s leash, but that is only because I saw an off-leash dog walking towards us.I do not know that dogs behavior so that is the only reason I redirected Oslo in the opposite direction and grabbed his leash. We need to work a little more on his recall, but other than that Oslo is doing an amazing job in his training program!!


Pupdate 11/21/2021

Today’s lessons were taken place at Huntington Beach with fellow Board and Train pups Quincy and Bodi and their trainers! We worked a good portion of Oslo’s lessons around his Heel work today, because he can still be a bit distracted while heeling in a new distracting environment. While Oslo is in his Heel command he should never be too far ahead of me or behind me. Oslo got a little distracted a couple times and didn't maintain his Heel beside me and tried to walk further ahead of me. In order to get his attention back on me and into his heeling position right beside me I simply used the E collar remote while saying the command Off followed with the command Heel. We also worked more on increasing his Duration commands while in a Down, Sit, and Place command as well. Overall he did a great job maintaining his commands even with so many distractions around him. Oslo is excelling more and more every day and I’m so happy with his progress so far!


Pupdate 11/22/2021

Today Oslo and I had our sessions at Home Depot and some local parks! He is doing great responding to the E collar and his commands, but he still gets a bit distracted out in public. To work through this I placed Oslo into an Extended Sit which means he needs to hold his Sit Command until I release him with his Break command no matter what distractions may catch his eye. As you can see at one point in the video Oslo gets out of his Extended Sit command to follow me. To correct him from getting out of his Extended Sit I quickly place him back into his Sit command while using the E collar remote to let him know I want him to hold his command until I release him. Oslo made some great progress in today’s lessons and we will continue to work on our Distance and Duration in Extended commands around distractions to best prepare him to be off-leash ready!


Pupdate 11/23/2021

Today we met up with some fellow trainers and their Board and Train pups! We upped the distractions and took Oslo to The Irvine Spectrum and even worked Oslo off- leash! I worked with Oslo mainly on his Heel command today. Naturally since he is such a friendly pup he wanted to greet everyone which is normal for him, but I want to keep his engagement on me and off of the distractions while we are heeling. The way we do this is by using his Off command followed with his Heel command whenever he gets distracted. I am also using the E collar every time I say a command to give Oslo a friendly reminder that he needs to stay with me. Oslo did an amazing job staying with me in his Heel Command on and off- leash as well as his Extended commands!


Pupdate 11/24/2021

Today Oslo and I met up with some fellow trainers and their Board and Train pups at the beach. We worked all of his lessons today with either no leash tension or completely off-leash which is a big accomplishment for Oslo! He did an awesome job at his Extended Sit and Down commands as well as his Place command around so many different distractions. Oslo held every command until I released him with his Break command.Oslo is doing such a better job at engaging with me and being less interested in all of the distractions around him. Way to go Oslo!


Pupdate 11/25/2021

Happy Thanksgiving and an early Christmas from Mr. Oslo and I! Today we had one of our sessions at a local mall outlet to go over all of his commands off-leash. Overall he did a fantastic job! He is doing such a better job heeling in a public place with distractions. He is always right next to me in his heeling position as I walk which is such an improvement from where he started at in the beginning of his training program! I am so happy with how well he is doing on his Extended commands as well. He impresses so many people out in public and we can’t wait to show you everything he has learned in our program!


Pupdate 11/26/2021

Today Oslo and I went to the local mall outlets and worked completely off- leash. In the video you will see how many people were so impressed by all the hard work we have put in together! You will also see how well Oslo is doing on his greeting manners as well as holding his commands in a new distracting environment. At one point Oslo does get a little too excited to smell one fan of his that comes up to take a picture with him. When I notice he gets a tad too excited or distracted I simply use our Off command followed by the E Collar remote. Oslo is such a good boy and I’m so happy with how many goals we have accomplished!


Pupdate 11/27/2021

Today Oslo and I went to The Irvine Spectrum for the majority of our lessons. We worked completely off- leash and he was so obedient that he outshined every dog there! He did such a fantastic job today holding all of his commands and is such a good boy. He is so much calmer in public and loves to just observe and watch everything around him like the curious boy he is as you can see in some of the photos above. Every time a new person came up to greet Oslo his greeting manners were a 10/10! He is still the friendliest pup and loves all of the attention he has been getting. The video I added above is a walk through of most of if not all of Oslo’s commands. I wanted to make a video demonstration that you can look back on if needed. I’m so extremely sad that our time together has come to an end and I will miss him dearly, but I am also so happy and excited for Oslo and this new chapter in his life he will experience with all the new exciting adventures along his family as a trained pup! Fantastic job Oslo!!!

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