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Oscar | Husky/ Pit Mix | Glendale, CA

Meet Oscar! Oscar went through our Two Week Board and Train and is here for boarding! During the next couple of days we're going to focus on refreshing his training as well as work on more of his manners! Oscar is a good boy and has definitely worked hard with his owners to keep up his training. Stay tuned for his adventures these next couple of days!


Pupdate 4/26/2023

Oscar and I spend the day working on all of his commands. I noticed that he pulled a bit and was really hesitant about follows through with all of his commands. After some time he was able to get back into the groove of training. Oscar and I spent some time working on his manners at my home as well since he wanted to put his paws up on the counter. After a couple of corrections Oscar did great! He settled into his kennel nicely but was still a bit anxious. Oscar ate all of his food and went potty like normal. His stool was a bit watery but that could be due to his nerves. I’ll keep an eye on his stool and make sure he doesn’t have an upset tummy.


Pupdate 4/27/2023

Oscar and I spent the day working around my neighborhood. I noticed that he wasn’t used to the e-collar as much anymore so it did take time to get back into the groove of things. Oscar did amazing in the kennel but still has runny stool. He did have to be let out more frequently to avoid accidents. His stool was very watery. I made sure he had fresh water at all times. He did throw up all of his dinner and breakfast today. He ate all of it but did throw it up. I went ahead and gave him pumpkin purée and rice. I’m adding a little more pumpkin to his dinner in hopes it settles his tummy. Overall, he is doing great but is a little uncomfortable due to his upset tummy. 


Pupdate 4/28/2023

Oscar and I spent the dog working on his manners at home! We went for a couple of walks today to work on more of his heel since he does tend to pull a lot. It does take him a while to get into the groove of things when we first start out walk. Oscar did have an accident in the kennel overnight since he does have an upset tummy. I made sure to clean him up right away since he was whining letting me know he was uncomfortable. He didn’t throw up any of his food today and his tummy seemed to slowly get better. His stool is still watery but not as much as it was yesterday. I made sure to add more pumpkin to his food to help his tummy. He didn’t eat all of his breakfast or dinner but this could be due to him not feeling too well. 


Pupdate 4/29/2023

Oscar and I spent the day working on his commands at my home! He enjoyed going on multiple walks as well and lounging in my home. His tummy seems to be a bit better but it’s still very watery. Oscar ate more than half of his breakfast but did throw up a bit later. Overall, he’s doing a lot better but still has a bit of anxiety when we go out. I made sure to give him all of his medication. Oscar is being a good boy and is drinking plenty of water! 

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