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  • Tanner Strong

Orca | Goldendoodle | Redondo Beach, CA | In Training

Meet Orca! He's a fourteen month old Goldendoodle from Redondo Beach, California here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program! Orca is very friendly, but he loves jumping on everyone he sees. He also chews on anything he can get his paws on, and lacks basic obedience skills. Over the next fourteen days, we'll work on Orca's obedience, teach him how to remain calm around people, and show him how to be the best pup he can possibly be! Stay tuned for Orca's two week transformation!


Pupdate: 1/8/2023

After picking up Orca, we stayed at Bell Gardens Park to get to know each other! He was very excited to see me right from the start. He likes to jump and pull on his leash, but he's very sweet! After the park, we went home where I let Orca sniff around! He seems to be settling in well.


Pupdate: 1/9/2023

Orca and I went to Whittier Narrows Park today for training! It was drizzling a little, but Orca didn't seem to mind, he would just shake off the water and keep moving! We started working on his Heel and his Come To Sit commands. For Heel, I want Orca to walk nicely at my left side, with his ears at my knee. He's already getting pretty good with this! For Come To Sit, I want Orca to come to my right side, walk around my legs and sit on my left side. He seems to be picking this one up pretty quickly as well. Great job, Orca!


Pupdate: 1/10/2023

Orca and I went to Home Depot today for training! He did very well. He got distracted by all the people around a few times, but his attention mostly stayed on me while we were working! He's starting to be able to Heel with a very loose leash, even around some distractions!


Pupdate: 1/11/2023

Orca went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame today! He was well mannered for most of the day, although he still sometimes got distracted by people. He also got the opportunity to work with another trainer, and he did well! He wanted to jump on her some of the time. He doesn't jump on me anymore, so I'm not sure if his desire to jump is on all strangers, or mostly females. He still did a good job!


Pupdate: 1/12/2023

Orca and I went to Citadel Outlets today for training! He generally did a good job! He's very good with his commands, now I'm mostly worried about getting him to ignore distractions. He's doing better each day, but he still has some work to do!


Pupdate: 1/13/2023

Orca and I went to Century City Mall today! There were plenty of distractions to test Orca. Most of the people he was able to ignore, but there was one particularly cute Golden Retriever that Orca really wanted to play with. He pulled toward this dog excitedly. This was strange to me because Orca will almost always get distracted by a passing dog, but hardly ever pulls toward them at this point. When this happens, I use the Off command, which is our "do not do" command, and ask him to Come to me, at the same time I apply a light stimulation using Orca's E collar. Orca will need more of this exposure to the outside world going forward in order to control his impulses to say hi to everyone! Other than that, he did a great job with his commands!


Pupdate: 1/14/2023

Orca and I went to Home Depot today for training! We mostly focused on Orca's ability to perform his commands with his leash dragging on the ground. This gives me some idea of how he might perform off leash while still having access to the leash should I need it. He did very well with this. He needs a little more work before he goes off leash in higher distraction areas, but I believe he's already capable of being off leash in most low distraction settings.


Pupdate: 1/15/2023

Orca and I went to Almansor Park today for training! He continued working with the leash dragging, although I switched to a shorter leash to further replicate how he'll feel once he's off leash. He did pretty well! He got distracted a few times, but mostly stayed on task.


Pupdate: 1/16/2023

Orca went to Home Depot today for training! He went off leash for the first time and he did pretty well. He still gets distracted, but he's getting better as long as you stay on top of the commands and consistently ask him to follow through. There were a few times when he went to a female trainer to try and get out of the ask. When he does this we want that other person to pretend like Orca isn't there, then the individual asking for the commands can follow through with the initial ask. In the above video, he veers off from his Heel a few times, but he does a great job nonetheless!


Pupdate: 1/17/2023

Orca and I went to Hollywood for the first half of the day! Because Hollywood is a lot more active than Home Depot, I opted to keep the leash on. Orca did really well though! He didn't get distracted by the people and ignored most noises. After that, we went to the park by my house to work more on Orca's off leash commands! He did extremely well, although there weren't a lot of people around to distract him.


Pupdate: 1/18/2023

Orca went off leash at Pan Pacific Park today! He did very well with all of his commands. He did a good job at ignoring most distractions, however there was one playful dog who really got Orca's attention, and he broke his sit to go try to play with them. He came back to me fairly quickly when called. Other than that he had a really successful day! In the above video, you'll see Orca walking around another dog, and the other dog walking around him while Orca tries to hold his sit. Orca does a really good job throughout the video.


Pupdate: 1/19/2023

Orca went to Citadel Outlets today for training! He went through all of his commands and did very well with each. Today we focused on having Orca hold his positions for and extended periods of time. For Place, Sit and Down, I want Orca to be able to hold the position for two minutes around distractions. He hit that mark today!


Pupdate: 1/20/2023

Orca went to Santa Monica Pier today for training! He did well with his commands, as usual. There was one dog there that Orca didn't want to go near, though. This was strange to me because Orca usually wants to play and gets excited for other dogs. After the pier, we went to the park near my house for some more exercise and playtime! He was able to play with the other dog I have right now, and they're becoming great friends!


Pupdate: 1/21/2023

Orca and I went to Almansor Park today for training! We had a fun day, and there were plenty of distractions, including a few soccer games! For Orca's pupdate today, I wanted to showcase some of his household manners we've been working on. For food manners, I want Orca to sit patiently when food is on the ground. He should only start eating when I release him from command. For door manners, Orca should be able to sit still while I open a door, without trying to rush out before me. Again, he should only move when I release him! For car manners, I want Orca to jump into my car when asked, and walk directly into his kennel. Over the last two weeks, Orca has gotten very good at each of these!


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