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Opie | 6 Months Old | Labrador Retriever | Hollywood, CA | In Training


Opie is a high energy puppy who loves to play so much she some times gets a little carried away. She is staying with us for two weeks as apart of our board and train program to work on her leash manners as well as learning to play with chew toys instead of hands. She is ready to learn and can't wait to get started.



Off to a great start! Opie's first night went very smoothly. She got more comfortable and began to relax as the night went on. We had an early morning getting right to training after breakfast at a huge park. Opie is responding very well to the E Collar and is a smart puppy to begin with which is helping teach her these new commands.


Pupdate 02/25/2020

Field trip day to Lowes! Opie got to work on some socialization around other people. Calmly greeting strangers who want to pet her. But most importantly learning how to walk on the leash without pulling around all the distractions we pass by.


Pupdate 02/26/2020

Opie working heavily on the place command today. She is beginning to become more confident with the command and it's showing as she begins to place on higher objects.


Pupdate 02/27/2020

Opie and I out taking our time with potty training today. Opie is getting very good about going potty on command. She also has been doing a good job of letting me know when she has to be let outside to do her business. Sometimes it takes longer than others but keeping her in a routine helps her stay on track for potty breaks.


Pupdate 02/28/2020

Opie out at Lowe's today doing some practice heeling around people and all the new exciting things there is to smell there. She has needs a minute to get in the swing of things and get all of the excitement out but catches on quickly. We also worked on some confidence building trying place on a new foreign more challenging object.


Pupdate 02/29/2020

Opie out with Sadie this evening getting their heel on. Opie has definitely loosened up around Sadie as they do more training around each other. Opie is working on being more self confident around other dogs.


Pupdate 03/01/2020

Had to postpone our field trip due to rain today so we practiced heeling around the neighborhood. Opie gets distracted fairly easily by things on our walk so she has been staying on leash and working on pushing through those distractions.


Pupdate 03/02/2020

Working heavily on socializing Opie today. She gets some heavy anxiety out in public working her commands so we have to be extra patient with her. We switched over to the comfort pads on her E Collar because she was pretty sensitive to the original E Collar tips. She also got to relax and do some playing with Kylo the border collie puppy.


Pupdate 03/03/2020

Opie back out at the mall today. Working heavily on getting her socialized around in the public. She practiced working passed distractions like big water fountains, running and screaming kids, skateboarders and birds. Opie can get herself overly stressed when she gets overwhelmed so we've been doing lots of shorter training sessions to keep her from burning out. In the evening we went back out and I took her grocery shopping with me. Shopping carts make her nervous but she began to warm up after some patience before entering the stores.


Pupdate 03/04/2020

Opie had a busy day today. After some heavy work in the morning and lots of puppy play we took a field trip to a swap meet with lots of people to get some socialization in. She met some new people and a few new pups on our trip. She also practiced potty training outside before we headed in to avoid any accidents and she nailed it! Video coming soon.


Pupdate 03/05/2020

Opie discovered my pet chameleon today and she was very interested in watching him move around. She also got very cuddly today and curled up on my lap for some love after we finished training. Tired girl wanted to take a nap on me. She's been doing a better job at staying calm for our training sessions and not getting overwhelmed.


Pupdate 03/06/2020

I am very proud of Opie today. We went to the Block in Orange and had a very eventful day. She was very anxious at first but after some warming up keeping things nice and calm for her she really relaxed and began to work her commands and even hold them out in public and off leash.



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