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Ollie | Australian Goldendoodle Mix | Westminister, CA | In-Training

Meet Ollie! He is a nine month old Australian Goldendoodle mix who has joined us for our One Week Board and Train Program. Ollie is here for basic obedience, jumping on people, and leash pulling. Ollie is a sweet and loving boy who will work on his manners with hopes of becoming a well behaved dog. Check in to see his seven day progress!


Ollie and I spent some time getting acquainted today. He was great on the car ride home and made no fuss while he was in his kennel. We settled in at home and had Ollie adjust to his new surroundings. Since Ollie was pulling on his leash when I picked him up, I introduced him to Heel which consists of having him walk next to me and staying on my left side. Every time Ollie pulled, I would turn and walk in the opposite direction to keep him from pulling. It took some time and patience, but Ollie understood what I was asking and is doing so much better!


Ollie was introduced to Place today. It consists of having Ollie getting onto an elevated object and remaining there in a Sit or a Down. Place is also used to build confidence and can be of great purpose whenever guests are over. We practiced on a park bench and Ollie would just place his front legs on top of the bench. To have his back legs go up, I assisted him by giving them a little boost. He was able to follow through and was able to Place the next few sessions on his own!


Ollie and I worked on his recall today which is known as Come to Sit. It consists of having Ollie coming towards my right side, going around behind me, and Sitting on my left. Since Ollie’s back end stays a little behind when he Sits, I assist him by sliding him over with my foot. Ollie is understanding the concept and is making good progress the more we work on it!


Ollie was introduced to Down today. Down can be a difficult command to teach considering that it is a submissive position to a dog. Teaching Ollie to Down consisted of asking him to Sit, and then guiding him towards the floor with leash tension. Although Ollie did get up his first few attempts, we reset and kept trying. Once Ollie began to understand what I was asking, he was able to follow through and accomplish his Down!


In preparation for Ollie’s Final, we drove out to the Santa Monica Pier today. We practiced on everything he has learned and began by taking a walk around the boardwalk. We worked around dog distractions, bicycles, roller coaster track noise, and birds flying overhead. Ollie did very well and maintained his Heel the whole time! When working on his Extended Place and Extended Sit, Ollie did come out of it due to an off road police vehicle in the area. I walked Ollie around it a few times and walked towards another Place object to try again. As the vehicle made its way down the boardwalk, Ollie was able to follow through and remained in a Sit as it drove by!


Ollie and I worked on his Final today. It consists of piecing everything he has learned together. We took a walk around the shopping mall and practiced his Extended Place, Sit, and Down along the way. Ollie can hold these positions for just about a minute and a half, but can hold them longer with consistency. As his training nears conclusion, I can say that Ollie is a very quick learner and is full of potential!


Ollie is ready to go home! He has learned so much and I am looking forward to showing you what he can do! I want to thank you for trusting me with Ollie and for giving me the opportunity to work with him! He was great in his Final video and it will be coming soon! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of what Ollie’s Final is going to look like!


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