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Oliver| Boxer | Wilmington, CA| In-Training

Meet Oliver, a super goofy, playful, hyper boxer from Wilmington, CA! Oliver will be going through our Two Week Board and Train program! Oliver is a strong pup who enjoys pulling his owners around while on walks, he also a HUGE fan of people and gets super jumpy when saying hello! So while Oliver is with us he will learn Leash Manners, social manners, and Basic Obedience! Stay tuned for more to come!!


Pupdate 9/12/21

Today Oliver and I spent some time walking around the neighborhood so that he can adjust to his surrounding! Oliver is such a goofy, outgoing boxer who loves to explore and smell EVERYTHING! Once he was done exploring and got most of his energy out, we working on introducing him to some of his basic commands! We working on teaching Heel, Place, and Sit near a park with not too much distractions! Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 9/13/21

Today Oliver and I went to a quiet park and worked on Come, Sit, and Heel! While we worked on Come, Oliver got a minor nose bleed due to over exerted himself and breathing a bit hard. This tends to sometimes happen with short nosed breeds so I let him relax and catch his breath again before taking him home and give him a few hours to settle back down! Im making sure he is worked for shorter sessions throughout the cooler parts of the day and getting lots of rest in between each session! Oliver is such a goofy boy and LOVES affection!


Pupdate 9/14/21

Today Oliver and I continued working on Leash Pressure! We integrated Come, Heel, Sit, and Place to help him get used to feeling the leash tension in any way! Today he did a lot better with not fighting with me and did extremely well with him Come! Oliver is such a goofy boy and really enjoys exploring and smelling everything!


Pupdate 9/15/21

Today Oliver and I went to a Mall and continued working on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! I am still working on getting him accustomed to any type of Leash Pressure on his flat collar, and so far today he did A LOT better and was less resistant to the feeling! Once we did that in the morning, we took a walk inside of REI to let him explore different smells and surrounding while incorporating his Heel, Sit, and Come! Later on in the day we introduced door manners, which for him was not an easy task due to his hyperactive energy and little to no impulse control. We spent maybe 10-15 minutes throughout the afternoon working more on that! Oliver is doing very well and learning a lot!


Pupdate 9/16/21

Today Oliver and I went to The Griffith Observatory and worked on Come, Sit, Down and Heel! He is getting a lot better on responding to any pressure around his flat collar which is huge for him! Once we got home we worked on Place while my other dogs were hanging out. This is to help his impulse control and playfulness and teach him that he doesn’t need to be in “playful” mode constantly! He is doing really good and super affectionate!


Pupdate 9/17/21

Today Oliver and I went to Northridge Mall and continued working on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! We are working on getting him comfortable heeling closer to my leg instead of 5ft away from me, which is totally understandable due to being on a harness for so long! With that being said, today he did really good being closer to me and staying by my side during Heel! Oliver is doing great and is enjoying going to new places!


Pupdate 9/18/21

Today Oliver and I this morning went to a park that had a bunch of different surfaces such large rocks, benches, kids play area and trees that I had him practice place! We also went to a mall and continued working on all of Oliver’s commands to get him more consistent with each one! Later once it got cooler Oliver and I went to an enclosed tennis court and practiced his Heel to get him comfortable walking closer to me instead of 3 or 4ft next to me! He is doing super well and is catching on really quickly!


Pupdate 9/19/21

Today Oliver and I went to the Farmers Market and started going through all of his commands. He did have quite a bit of stress probably due to the amount of people there, so to not make things worse for him we went through his down command outside of a cafe and worked on practicing relaxing himself. Later on in the day we practiced Place command inside the house and he was good with it.


Pupdate 9/20/21

Today Oliver and I went to Janns Marketplace and worked on Place, Heel, and Down! I noticed he was alot more relaxed today and was performing pretty well! We were able to work him for 30 minutes instead of the typical 15 minutes. We also worked on Place around my other dogs at home and he stayed relatively calm! Good work today Oliver!


Pupdate 9/21/21

This morning Oliver and I went to an Outdoor Mall and had a very relaxed training session. We worked on Place and Down to keep Oliver in a calm mindset! Later decided to go to a park that was mildly crowded and worked on Heel and Come. He was a bit more stressed working at the park due to the amount of distractions, however we did work through it and ended on a calmer note!


Pupdate 9/22/21

Today Oliver and I went to Northridge Mall and worked on Heel, Place, Come, and Down! We ended up working there for 30 minutes because Oliver was in a calm mindset and was able to remain focused! After working at the Mall we went home and worked on Door Manners! Door Manners is extremely important for a dog such as Oliver with a very active mind. It teaches the dog to be patient and stay calm, before and after leaving the home, which sets you and Oliver up for a for successful walk! Good work Oliver!


Pupdate 9/23/21

Today we went to Santa Monica Pier and worked on Place, Come, Heel, and Down. When we arrived, Oliver got a bit overwhelmed due to the amount of people on the Pier. To help him calm himself a bit I decided to do a lot of Sit transitions during our Heel to help slow his mind down and pay more attention to what I'm doing. It seemed to help quite a bit! Once he slowed down we proceeded to work on Place which he did really well with! After a small break we moved on to Come. He was really eager performing this command, which is great to see! Once we got done at Santa Monica Pier, we went home and I gave Oliver a few hours to decompress and relax! We then worked on Place with my personal dogs and he stayed calm and respectful! Good Work Oliver!


Pupdate 9/24/21

Today we went back to Santa Monica Pier to work on all of Olivers commands! He was a lot more relaxed today while we worked! We started with Sit transitions during our Heel work to slow down his mind! Oliver was much faster at calming himself down today! After that we worked on some of his duration work with Down while people walked by! He was able to remain in the down while dogs and crowds of people walked by! He was very curious but remained in his command til I released him! We then moved on the Come, which he was excited about performing and pretty quick about it too! Good work today Oliver!


Pupdate 9/25/21

Today we went back to Santa Monica Pier to work on all of Oliver’s commands! Today Oliver was a lot calmer doing his commands and even staying in a duration down for a good chunk of time while crowds of people walked by! I was able to work him for about 30-40 minutes and he stayed relaxed through most of it! Very proud of Oliver and his ability to stay calm!


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