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Olive | Pit Bull Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Olive, a one year old Pit Bull Mix, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our Two Week Board and Train program. Olive is Very fearful of being out in public. She knows commands but lacks following them when distracted or scared, pulls on the leash, and counter surfs. Over the two weeks Olive will be working on her off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see her progress!


Pupdate 7/3/2022

Olive has settled in well at my home. She was definitely nervous when she first arrived. She warmed up quickly to the rest of my pack and started playing with them.


Pupdate 7/4/2022

Tokay Olive and I went to the park to start her training. She was definitely nervous and distracted while we were there. We practiced commands Place and Sit. Place is a command where Olive must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching her to calm and relaxed. She a great job on her first day!


Pupdate 7/5/2022

Today Olive and I worked on her commands around the neighborhood. We practiced more of her Sit and Place commands. We also worked on three new commands: Come to Sit, Heel, and Down. She was not a fan of the Down command. Olive gave me a little bit of a struggle with it, but eventually she gave in and started to do it. Heel is still a work in progress, but she is walking much better now.


Pupdate 7/6/2022

Today Olive and I went to the park to work on her commands. There was very minimal distractions, so Olive was a lot calmer and was able to focus more on her commands. We are still working on her Heel. She will walk next to me, but still tries to run off. The Down command is getting better, Olive is a little more willing to lay down. She is a good job today!


Pupdate 7/7/2022

Today Olive and I went back to the park to workin on her obedience. Olive learned a new command, Come to Heel. This command is a little tricky but she got the hang of it. We started to work on her duration (holding commands longer). Olive is still worried about her surroundings, but she’s getting better. She’s able to still follow commands with the distractions around her.


Pupdate 7/8/2022

Today Olive and I went to down to Huntington Beach to work on her obedience around distractions. It was very busy, so she was definitely nervous and distracted. After walking around for awhile, she got tired and was less nervous. She wasn’t really focused on me, but did obey the commands I gave her. She didn’t try to bolt or drag me. She walked at my side though crowds of people. She did a very good job today!


Pupdate 7/9/2022

Today Olive and I went to Lowes to work on her commands around distractions. She was actually pretty calm and relaxed while we were there. She was still more interested in the distractions around us, but she was obedient and followed all her commands.


Pupdate 7/10/2022

Today Olive and I worked on her obedience at home. I used her friends as distractions, letting them play while Olive practiced her commands. She was distracted and wanted to join in on the fun, but I made sure she followed through with her commands. After her training I let her play and socialize with her buddies.


Pupdate 7/11/2022

Today Olive and I went to the park to work on her commands. We met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers and their pups, So Olive was able to practice around dog distractions. It was Olive’s first day working semi-off leash! I let her drag the leash around while we practiced. She did pretty good. We need to tighten up a few of her commands. She still tries to walk a little to far away from me, but it is an improvement from the bolting and pulling. The more practice, the better she will become.


Pupdate 7/12/2022

Today Olive and I went to the Montebello Mall to work on her obedience around distractions. She was very nervous with all the noise and commotion going on around us, so I had to keep hold of the leash while we were there. She was able to follow through with her commands, but as you can see in the video she wasn’t focused on me. She has improved a lot from day one. You can see is isn’t trying to run away, she’s able to listen and follow commands, and her tail is straight down and more relaxed (not completely curled between her legs). Olive has made such great progress!


Pupdate 7/13/2022

Today Olive and I went to The Citadel Outlet to work on her obedience around distractions. She was nervous at first, but as we walked around she calmed down. Once Olive was relaxed, she did a great job with her commands.


Pupdate 7/14/2022

Today Olive and her buddy, Kobe, joined me on a shopping spree at The Block at Orange. She practiced her commands around a good amount of distractions. She did very well, even other dogs passing by us. The only thing she was really nervous about was meeting new people. A few people tried to approach and pet Olive, but she would back away and hide behind me.


Pupdate 7/15/2022

Today Olive and I went to The Citadel Outlet to work on her obedience around distractions. We met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers and their dogs, so she got to work around plenty of dog distractions. Olive was more relaxed today. She was focused and obedient.


Pupdate 7/16/2022

Today Olive took the day off from training and spent the day off of training and spent the day socializing and playing with her friends before she goes home tomorrow. I gave her a bath so she could be clean when she goes home, but it didn’t last long. She rolled around and wrestled with her buddies, getting dirty again. Olive can’t wait to go home and show you everything she has learned!

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