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Olive | Labrador Retriever | Torrance | In-Training

This is Oliver, a 8 month old Labrador Retriever from Torrance here for our Two Week Board and Train. She is very friendly to everyone she meets, loves to learn new things, and a people-pleaser. Sometimes Olive does get too excited when greeting people and jumps. Olive also has some separation anxiety, pulls on the leash, and counter surfs! During her two week stay with me, keep checking on her daily pupdates for one great pawsome transformation!

Olive loved the nice dog bed and bone

Olive going on nose-safari's!


PUPDATE 7/12/2021


PUPDATE 7/13/2021

Took Olive onto a jungle gym to practice her confidence

My nephew loved Olive and needed pictures with her! She was so gentle with him.


PUPDATE 7/14/2021

Working on distance Place

Olive met my friend's dogs and they all got along very well!


PUPDATE 7/15/2021

Having Olive do a down command on a brick wall allows her to focus on only laying down.

Getting Olive on higher place objects allows her to be more confident with lower to the ground ones and builds trust that you would not put her on anything dangerous.


PUPDATE 7/16/2021


PUPDATE 7/17/2021

Olive doing great at duration down while a dog was nearby

She had no hesitation going near the running water which is great progress!

Olive did a great job in a duration down while I had a smoothie!

I was very impressed that she held a duration sit while kids were running into the water

Beep Beep! This is actually very good Place work so now she has no problem going on new objects!

Heeling with the leash dragging! LOVE the eye contact


PUPDATE 7/18/2021


PUPDATE 7/19/2021

Olive does very well holding a command while I walk away

Met with another trainer and her dog named Gus Gus to practice socialization and greeting manners.

Practicing some door manners while I went into a shop

We found a small water play area and she loved it so much

Everyone around was amazed how good mannered she was and she was so gentle to the child coming up to her! I am so proud of Olive!!


PUPDATE 7/20/2021


PUPDATE 7/21/2021


PUPDATE 7/22/2021


PUPDATE 7/23/2021


PUPDATE 7/24/2021


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