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Oakley | Miniature Irishdoodle | Culver City, CA | In-Training

Oakley, a 5 month old Miniature Irishdoodle, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Oakley is a sweet and energetic little boy who loves play. Oakley comes to us with typical puppy behavior: play biting, jumping, excessive barking, lack of following commands, etc. Over the next 2 weeks Oakley will be working on his off leash obedience and manner. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 12/13/2020

Today I introduced and conditioned Oakley to the ecollar. we practiced commands come and sit.


Pupdate 12/14/2020

Today Oakley and I went to the park to work on commands. We practiced come and sit. Oakley learned a new command, Place. Place is where he has to sit or lay on an object.


Pupdate 12/15/2020

Today Oakley and I worked on commands around the neighborhood. We practiced come to sit and place. Oakley learned 2 new commands, down and loose leash heel. He got the heel down pretty quick. It's still a work in progress, but Oakley hardly pulls on the leash now. He doesn't really like doing the down command. He starts barking and getting mouthy when I ask him to do it.


Pupdate 12/16/2020

Oakley working on his loose leash heel.


Pupdate 12/17/2020

Oakley working on all his commands.


Pupdate 12/18/2020


Pupdate 12/19/2020


Pupdate 12/20/2020

Oakley's first day of training off leash! Oakley is doing a great job!


Today Oakley and I worked more on his off leash training. He is going a great job! we just need to work more on his duration ( staying in command). Tonight he joined my pack of dogs for meal time. I like doing this so Oakley can learn from my pack on how to be patient and wait for his meal. He has to has to be calm in order to get his food and must wait until it's his turn. He's not allowed to go up to the other dogs' bowls while they're eating. Once he is finished he must walk away and give space to the ones that are still eating. He must look to me, not the food, until I give him permission to eat. This teaches him that the food belongs to me and he is not allowed to eat it unless I say so.


Pupdate 12/22/2020



Pupdate 12/24/2020


Pupdate 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas!


Pupdate 12/26/20

Today Oakley and I went to the Block at Orange to work on his off leash commands. He did a great job with the people and distractions that were around. Oakley is excited to go home and show you all he has learned!


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