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Nox | Doberman Pinscher | Marina del Rey | In-Training

Meet Nox! A 3 month Doberman Pinscher, has joined us for our 3 week puppy board and train program. Nox comes to us with your usual puppy behavior, jumping to greet, crying inside a crate, and very little knowledge of her obedience while distracted. Nox is very sweet but has a long road to go when learning how to properly socialize and understand certain boundaries. Over the next 3 week you will see our progress daily as we spend time together. Check out her obedience training with me as her trainer!


Pupdate 9/3/2023

Today is the first day of Nox's obedience training, so I got to spend some time with her at a park in Commerce after saying goodbye to her guardian/parent. Nox had typical puppy zoomies being on the grass so I gave her room on the leash to roam around and feel confident enough with herself. As some time passed by I walked her to an area of solid pavement and began teaching her how to heel. This was very foreign to her but as we practiced our turns she would follow through with what I was asking but she would still try to lead rather than walk at a pace.

Once we returned home I let her meet my family, she was somewhat distant when looking at my parents but my younger sibling had no issue saying hi to. Nox didn't try to jump on my brother since he's aware of being calm and neutral around an energetic puppy. Nox saw my personal dog Hunter through his crate and was somewhat timid but eventually was able to enter into my room and roam around smelling the new environment. I took her back outside for another walk and before doing more training in the front of my house. On this walk she began to settle herself next to my left hand side rather than trying to lead as much. As she displayed this behavior I started to verbally praise her with the saying good girl. When we returned back to my house we worked on a place pad with the following obedience commands such as place, sit, and come to sit.

As Nox started to get tired it was time to crate train her and see her reaction being in the crate. At first she was ok and didn't do anything for the moment but as I left the room she started to cry. Her cries were never dramatic nor were they loud indicating a sign of stress but rather she seemed to just want my attention to get her out. This lasted for 10 - 15 minutes before going to sleep inside the crate. Nox seems to be doing well settling in but I'm going to focus on various tasks to help educate her creating an idea of better manners and boundaries to respect when asked certain things.


Pupdate 9/4/2023

This morning I took Nox on a walk with my Boss from work in la habra. We walked 3 miles to a Starbucks in the neighborhood then ended up on the Main Street near our destination. Something we both noticed was Nox's fear of certain cars passing from behind us. She would try to travel to my right side and hide but I had her keep her heel and maintain her position rather than making these types of decisions. Each car that started to pass by I would praise her only if she was able to remain calm which she did at times.

Once we arrived at Starbucks we ordered some coffee and tried to sit down normally but Nox was very adamant about getting up and trying to walk around in the store. I would constantly have to redirect her back into a sit every 10 - 20 seconds but as the time passed by she eventually placed herself into a down to relax. From this point on, anytime she would try to get up from her down I would ask her to go back into a down which made it easier for her to keep herself still rather than wanting to adventure around in the store. We stayed momentarily at Starbucks then made our way back towards my boss' residence. Nox was in a heel for most of the walk, keeping a better position than trying to lead.

I took Nox to Hillcrest Park in Fullerton to work in a designated spot near the main street to focus on impulse control near cars. In the video above Nox and I were working on place and she wasn't willing to stay on her place pad when being near the cars in the beginning of this practice. I had to keep placing her numerous times back into her sit before she was willing to give me some time on the place pad. After she gave me a duration more than 5 - 10 seconds I would break her to praise her as the reward. At one point in the video she goes into a down and I didn't ask for this. I redirect her in this moment back into a sit to keep her in obedience and engaged with me. We continued the practice and she was able to work up to a 15 second wait. As the time goes by we will work up to a longer duration with more distractions!


Pupdate 9/5/2023

Today I took Nox to a park in La Mirada to train around the other dog trainers from offleash with their dogs. When we first arrived I had Nox separated from the dogs but able to see them at a distance. We first focused on place while some of the trainers walked in front of us, as well as people from the neighborhood who were on their walks. There were many moments where Nox's impulses took over and she would constantly get off the place pad so we worked on this and eventually with time we were able to improve on the practice.

When practicing heel Nox was able to slowly improve when nothing was around us. When someone passed by us Nox was very curious and would get distracted. Each time I couldn't get her attention I applied leash pressure with the off obedience command to have Nox disengage herself from being distracted and bring her attention back to me. Eventually myself and a coworker of mine did some distraction training to help desensitize Nox from being too excited around dogs. After some time Nox was able to sit next to another puppy without trying to break her position. As the time went on and both dogs seemed neutral towards each other we had them meet and were able to smell each other for a brief moment. I asked Nox to come to me and she did willingly without much issue. After this meet and greet we had the dogs go back into their obedience and walk along the pond. We passed by some geese and ducks and Nox seemed fine looking at them from a distance without crying. I had walked closer to them but the geese and ducks went into the pond, even in that moment Nox stayed close to me rather than trying to go to the birds. We finished our visit with a walk around the park and headed back home.

When feeding Nox today I wanted to show her variations of what a human can do when placing the food bowl down. I had placed her bowl down and asked her to sit which she did. Once I opened the refrigerator door and looked away she got up so I had to redirect her into a sit. I took the time to practice small things as in opening cabinets. side doors, and grabbing anything in the room to challenge Nox. Once she was able to let me do certain tasks in my kitchen I had her wait an extra 15 seconds before breaking her to eat. She followed through until given her break and ate most of her food with no hesitation.

We continued the rest of the day with house training followed up with a park visit near my house!


Pupdate 9/6/2023

This morning I took Nox and Hunter for a hour-long walk around my neighborhood. Nox was very adamant about leading so every couple of steps we would heel together as a group for Nox to focus on Hunter's body language and mine. After some time Nox was able to keep her pace with us and we were able to continue our walk on better terms.

Once we arrived home Nox and Hunter had some quality play time and have been adjusted to each other. Nox can be a little obsessive with Hunter but Hunter is very calm with puppies and can help correct any unnecessary behavior Nox displays.

After their play time I took the time to work on each of Nox's obedience commands in my backyard before showing her a new task to learn. In the video above we are focusing on door manners, which is to stay inside the house before being asked to leave. I start off with a place pad to help keep Nox on something structured as I open the door and perform different variations of the practice. Each time Nox does get off the place pad I will have her get back on and repeat the practice. When coming back inside the house I'll have Nox follow me or ill break her inside the house to ignore the idea of wanting to go outside. As we continued the practice there's a moment Nox gets up but stops herself at the door, even in this moment I was able to tell her to go back onto her place and sit with no use of leash pressure. From this moment I walk a little more out in the front of my house than usual and Nox is trying to peek to look at me while being placed. I break her once the door is closed to give her some time to relax.

The last video clip is us heeling outside of the house. Nox has been very consistent in trying to run through each door of my house since her board and train has started. Now is the progress of how we walk very slowly to start off our pace. This way is to help educate her on being very calm when passing doors and there's no reason to rush out.


Pupdate 9/7/2023

This morning I took Nox to Huntington Beach to work on her obedience training around distractions. When we first arrived we made our way towards the main street to cross over towards the beach. When cars were passing by, Nox was more comfortable letting them pass by but would be distracted and try to look at them as each of them passed by. I would apply small amounts of leash pressure to redirect her back into a heel and continue our pace. Once we were at the cross walk I asked Nox to sit which she did but each car that passed by would get her to break her position. We worked through this threshold and before the light went green for us to walk she held her position for about 10 seconds. Once the light went green for us I asked her to heel and we crossed over.

When we were closer to the beach Nox didn't seem too timid from the new environment I introduced her to. She would seem interested in everything that we would pass by along our walk. I would ask for heel very often when walking on the walkway of the beach. As time went by she started to tire out and ended up walking better until we found an area to take a break.

We found a bench to sit near the pier entrance and remained there for a moment just to sit and relax. Once we were done resting we used the bench for practicing our place, sit, and down obedience commands. I had asked Nox to sit and she would remain in her sit with ease but when it came to the down obedience command she would last about 10 seconds and break her position. I had to redirect her back into a down until she was able to hold it longer than 10 seconds. Once she completed a 15 second down I gave her a break to praise her. She wasn't consistent when practicing her down but we will adventure out to more places to work on this practice with distractions.


Pupdate 9/8/2023

This morning I took Hunter and Nox on a walk together early in the morning. In the beginning Nox had the tendency to pull but shortly after some redirection Nox adjusted herself with a better pace. Throughout the majority of our walk she maintains herself with Hunter but by myself we will try to lead if given the opportunity.

Once we returned home they played in the backyard for 20 - 30 minutes before taking a break to eat. I had Hunter go back into his crate to work on food manners with Nox. Nox has been able to let me do certain things inside the kitchen with her but if I leave her sight she starts to vocalize then break position. As I perform different tasks in the kitchen she is willing to wait patiently compared to previous days. Once she finished eating she took a nap for 2 hours. We will continue to work on extending myself away from her sight entirely to help with her crying threshold she displays.

After Nox's nap we went back into obedience training and worked on the side gate for door manners practice. In the video above is the beginning of our practice. Nox did well when practicing with this door and even at a distance I didn't hear her cry. As we practiced I took her off the place pad and had her wait near the front of the door. Nox was getting up several times but stopped herself at the edge of the door which is good but I want her to keep her sit which will be beneficial in the long run. I redirect her back into a sit and even at the edge of the entrance she waits for me. I keep the door open to challenge her when saying break but she comes directly to me for her praise.


Pupdate 9/9/2023

This morning Hunter and Nox went for another walk and have been walking accordingly together rather than trying to mess around or toy with each other on our walks. Potty training has been going well and she went at the same time as Hunter today.

I took the time to work with Nox first in front of my house with our place pad and improving place with extended sit and down. We have been able to work up to a minute when waiting for both obedience commands. Nox had her moments of breaking her position to come to me but after some time she adjusted and was able to work with the duration I wanted to challenge her with. Inside the house I took the time to train Nox to go into her crate willingly rather than me assisting. I used treats to help lure her into her crate and when asking for sit, if she would follow with sitting I would praise that behavior. I kept the crate door open and started to ask her to come in and out of the crate. We will continue to work on this more to create a better confidence associated with her crate. Something to note is Nox has been doing better staying silent in the crate when I leave the room when we visit a new environment such as a park, beach, and store. It seems during these types of visits with obedience training the crate isn't so conflicting for her.

Today's visit was a trip to the local pet store here in Fullerton. We stayed for one hour just walking throughout the store practicing our obedience commands as people shopped. Nox even had a guest who was a child say hi to her without wanting to jump. Nox was excited to greet her, smelling her dramatically but kept her sit without leaning too far forward into the child. After this we walked throughout the aisles practicing sit & down to hold a small amount of duration. Nox seemed timid with all the noises going on but she held her obedience positions for the small time I asked her. Each time she was given her break she would come to me without wanting to travel anywhere else. There were dogs inside the store that started barking at Nox when they saw her but all she did was look at them. Even at this moment I asked her to heel to me which she did.

For the remainder of the day we followed up with more house training and play time with Hunter.


Pupdate 9/10/2023

This morning was somewhat wet but we still went for our usual walk as things dried up in the morning. Nox went poop right outside of my house without waiting to get to grass, also her poop was somewhat runny towards the end. She might have an upset stomach but I'll monitor her poop to see if there's any changes.

Once we returned home the dogs had their usual playtime. Nox seemed happy as usual playing with Hunter. In the video above are some of their behaviors they display when playing. Nox is happy being the puppy she can be when playing with Hunter, even though Hunter can sometimes get over too much playtime with Nox and go into his crate when he's done. When she's persistent and wants to keep her attention on him I'll provide her a ball to play with and that seems to work with keeping her busy.

After their playtime it was time to work on Nox's impulses when I left her sight. We started off with her food manners, making an attempt to leave her sight without her breaking position. There were many attempts where she got up and made an attempt for her food every time I went outside or down the hallway. After many attempts she was able to let me leave outside the house and going down the hallway. I end the practice with small variations of me grabbing items from the cabinets.

Later on in the day we went to a park near my house to practice our obedience training. We practiced our heel near the Main Street to use the cars as distractions. Nox seems to do better letting cars pass by even if they are somewhat loud when passing by us. We stayed on the grass to work on keeping an extended sit and down to challenge Nox. There were moments she would continue to bring her head down to smell the ground and redirect her back into obedience. After some time we were able to progress but will continue to work on this for improvement.


Pupdate 9/11/2023

Today's adventure was to a park in El Monte, CA to work around the other trainers from offleash and their pups to train. When we first arrived Nox was fine until we walked towards some tables our friends were at. I had to train Nox around them for a moment to help desensitize her to this new situation she was in.

In the video above is our practice of us holding an extended down while hanging around the other trainers. As I would ask Nox to go into her down while everyone else was working with their dog around us. For small moments of Nox holding her sit I would break her and continue the practice with more repetitions. Nox had no issue performing the extended down but she would somewhat cry holding her positions. By the time we finished this practice she started to settle and cry less.

The second part of the video is our practice of heel. We are performing left and right heel turns to maintain the position I want Nox to stay in. Each time I turn Nox is designated to follow through in the direction I'm going. If there were any moments Nox tries to lead in front of me I would perform a turn to keep Nox at my pace rather than hers. We followed up by passing by our friends with their pups using them as distractions.

Once we returned home we followed up more with door manners and food manners. Nox had another training session working on her recall and improving a better loose leash heel.


Pupdate 9/12/2023

This morning I took Nox to a park in Downey, CA to work on her obedience training. We first took a walk around the park to get some energy out. As we were walking Nox had a few moments of trying to lead but each time I redirected her back into her heel she would be adamant about staying close rather than traveling out. We took a break near a bench close to a pond that has ducks and geese that usually walk around the park. We focused on place, recall, and both variations of extended down and sit. Nox did well practicing most of the obedience commands but during her extended sit she got up at times. Each time this happened I would redirect her back into a sit and continue to train. When Nox was able to surpass her threshold with an extended sit I would break her to praise her.

Later on we took the time to stay near some ducks and I let Nox take her time looking at them and trying to understand what they are. Each time she would try to walk towards them I would call her back to me. We started to practice our heel obedience command around them so Nox can be properly engaged with me. After this we went back home to work on more house training. We started with more door manners which Nox has been doing well in. Nox will let me leave towards the street but at this point she does get somewhat timid from me leaving her sight and gets up without leaving the patio which leads into the driveway. Even though she doesn't leave the house I'm going to continue this practice to help with the threshold she has.

Food manners has been going well, even though Nox gets up from excitement she knows to let me do various things and even leaving her sight momentarily. When she goes into her crate she has been crying at times but eventually does stop entirely. Something I've noticed about the morning now is her crying is related to her need to go to the bathroom. She has been going more often on the side of my house when she is released before taking her out to walk with Hunter. After this happens she will go potty again with Hunter on grass.


Pupdate 9/13/2023

This morning I took Hunter and Nox for their walk early in the morning and it went well with Nox keeping a pace for the majority of the walk. Something I have both of the dogs do is usually wait about 5 - 10 minutes before being given the right to go potty. Once 5 - 10 minutes have passed I'll ask them to both go potty. Since Nox is very young she will sometimes stop us in our tracks and just pee or poop while other days she's been able to wait. They were given playtime once we returned home and after I practiced some obedience training in the front of my house with Nox for about 30 minutes.

I went to Home Depot to walk Nox around and see her reaction being in a store like this. Nox did very well, even though she's never been here. We had walked through the garden section first and she didn't seem too curious about the smells coming from the plants. There was a man who had his dog that started to bark towards Nox and catch her attention. She started to give attention to this dog but I simply asked her to heel with me and we made our way throughout the store. Nox wasn't bothered passing by anyone nor did she seem timid. Once we made our way to the lumber section Nox had an accident which was easily cleanable. We stayed in the lumber section practicing our obedience for a moment before walking through the aisles. As we walked in the aisles I acted as if I was shopping so I had Nox practice her sit or down while I looked up at the shelves or pretending to grab stuff. The only time she almost broke her position was hearing a forklift go into reverse. The noise alone made her look around but she was keeping her down when this happened.

Later on in the day we took more time to work on door manners specifically. In the video above is our first attempt and Nox seems very comfortable now when training with the front door. I'm able to walk as far as I want when I walk out and when I come back inside I'll still walk throughout the house and she waits for me. At one point I break Nox while I'm going into the kitchen. Nox comes to me directly rather than trying to leave the front door. After I heel her slowly to pass through the door and go for a walk. Nox has improved on this and has made the practice easier with her confidence now.


Pupdate 9/14/2023

This morning I took Hunter and Nox on their walk together which went well. Potty training has been going well today going on grass. Instead of letting the dogs have their usual playtime I worked with Nox placing her inside the crate with the door open. Each time I left her sight she got up and this was very consistent. After some time passed by she was starting to give me 5 - 10 seconds of her patience before breaking her. We continued to work on this with variations such as grabbing stuff from the drawers and cabinets, as well as opening the side door and taking some steps outside. We are gonna continue to work on this more often to see how challenging this can be for Nox.

Later on in the day I took Nox to a park in Cerritos, CA to work on specific obedience commands. We started off walking around the park practicing heel which was going well without much issue of Nox trying to lead. We passed by some ducks who were huddled up together in a group. As we passed by them Nox didn't seem interested in them but she was giving a lot of her attention to them. I would apply small amounts of leash pressure each time she couldn't keep her eyes off them. As she followed through we made our way around the park. We found an open area in the grass field to practice our extended sit & down working up to 2 minutes for both commands. Even during one of our practices there was a group of kids passing by in a class who were all giving attention to Nox and shouting hi doggie, but Nox kept her position as this happened. After we found a shaded area to work on recall before heading back home.

Later on in the day I took Nox for another walk along each Main Street of my neighborhood. I wanted to see how Nox was when cars would pass next to us walking along the street. Nox seems to be ok now with most cars passing by us but there was one semi truck that passed us which startled Nox. She only tried to crossover to me but I redirected her back onto my left hand side to keep her position.


Pupdate 9/15/2023

This morning was our typical routine of a walk included with Hunter, training, and playtime followed up after in the morning. When Nox went into her crate after playtime she started to cry more than normal today. I took the time to ask her to go into the crate for training but she was adamant about crying each time the door was closed. When I kept the door to her crate open I asked her to sit or down and as long as the door was open she wouldn't cry but she would try to get out as always. We continued to work on this until she started to somewhat settle.

Later on we went to Cerritos mall in Cerritos, CA to walk around and practice our obedience commands. When we were by ourselves when we first arrived Nox was fine until we saw our friends from offleash with their dogs. She was curious to try to smell them but I would ask her go back into her sit and keep herself aligned with me. We walked next to the other dogs and there were moments she would try to leave me to smell them but I would redirect her each time this happened. We found an area to work on extended down which is seen in the video above. Even though Nox is keeping her position she was crying and eventually got up from her down. I simply asked her to back into her down, which she did. Once more time passed by and she remained silent I gave her a break to praise her. Once the dogs started to get tired we went to the food court to take a break and relax. While eating Nox stayed down the entire time and rested.


Pupdate 9/16/2023

This morning I took Nox and Hunter for their walk early in the morning. They played for 30 minutes before having to put them back both in their crate. I had to leave for some time in the morning and while I was gone I was asking my family members how Nox was while I was gone. They said she was fine and she was until I got home and she got excited to see me.

Later on in the day we took the time to work on all of our obedience commands. We started off with door manners and Nox has been doing very well with this. She has been able to complete this practice first try without issue. We practiced this several times even having my little brother walk in and out of the house. In the video above is our practice of greeting manners with my younger brother. When Nox first met my brother he would always jump on him even if he just moved around Nox. While asking Nox to sit while on the place pad my brother walks up and pets her. At home using a place pad to help introduce a dog to someone is beneficial but in the real world if someone wanted to say hi to Nox she would be asked to go into a sit rather than place.

We also showcase our recall, which is come to sit. Nox does this with ease most times but when we have treats or a toy she has no issue performing her tasks. When Nox is directly in front of me I signal her to come to me and when she passes me I show her my left hand to help guide her back into her heel. When she ends up back into her heel position I will ask her to sit and she follows through. With the rest of the video is our practice of all the commands. Nox has learned all of her obedience commands but I'll take the time to show her some new things as we travel to new environments this upcoming week!


Pupdate 9/17/2023

Today's adventure was another visit to Hillcrest Park in Fullerton, CA. When we first arrived we walked the usual route around the park practicing place anytime we found a flat surface to position Nox on. Nox was able to perform this each time we found a platform to place on. Her heel was very consistent today while walking and even as we passed people around the park she didn't seem to care as much. Once Nox saw a squirrel she started to get excited and I had to ask her for her off obedience command to disengage herself from looking at the squirrel. After this we passed numerous squirrels and she didn't seem bothered by them.

When asking Nox to sit in random areas of the park there were moments she would try to get up to come towards me. Each time this happened I would ask her to get back into her previous position and we were able to work through this. Throughout the remainder of the visit Nox did very well listening and being able to have a consistent heel. Later on in the day Nox got to spend most of her Sunday playing with Hunter on my side of the house. Nox has been walking in and out of her crate lately which she's never done. She can still cry and whine but we continue our practices by keeping her in the crate with the door open while I leave the room.


Pupdate 9/18/2023

This morning I took Nox to a park in Alhambra, CA to focus on distraction work. Almansor park is very big and has a decent amount of walkers there most mornings. When we first arrived I let Nox go on the grass to go potty which she did. We started to walk along the pathway that goes around the park and we passed many people. There were moments Nox was curious and wanted to smell some of the people that passed by. Each time she did this I would ask Nox for her off obedience command. She would listen and was able to let many other's pass by without being too curious of their well being. We found an open area to focus on her extended sit and down which was close to the walkway where the morning walkers take. She did well with her down but when I would ask her to hold her sit she would sometimes go back into her down so I would redirect her back into the sit. After some moments of redirection she would hold it eventually which was followed up with a break. We continued our practices throughout the visit until we went back home.

In the video above is our practice of our food manners. I'm seen moving throughout multiple areas of the house while Nox has been able to wait for longer and has better confidence waiting for her food while I leave her sight. She will act overly excited bringing out the food but once she's put into her obedience she tends to do better compared to before. When placing her food down I never say wait, even though I ask her to down I never follow up with a wait since its not needed. This can actually confuse Nox to get up asking her for a word I've never practiced saying.


Pupdate 9/19/2023

This morning we went back to the park in Alhambra to meet up with some of our friends from offleash and train our dogs. Our friend Tanner and his dog Sif were practicing their obedience training while we were distant from them. Sif is a very energetic dog who makes for an ideal distraction while practicing Nox's impulse control near her. While practicing our obedience Nox had every intention to smell the grass since we practiced on the field instead of pavement. This can be more challenging so it's common for dogs to dig their head down while on grass. Anytime she gets distracted, redirecting her back into position will be ideal. As we ended the practice I asked for her recall and she didn't follow through ending in front of me. I showed her my right hand by throwing it behind my right glute and she's able to redirect herself back into her heel position ending in a break.

Later on we used a place pad in the grass and I had Nox practice her extended sit and down while all types of distractions were going on around us. During her down practice she did well with ease. When practicing her extended sit she was getting up momentarily until she decided to keep her position. Once we hit our 2 minute mark I gave her a break. During the end of our visit we practiced heeling around the park but once Nox started to get tired after a couple of hours we headed back home.

Her potty training has been good with something to note. Nox is sometimes vocal about going potty first thing when she wakes up still. I've noticed Nox will go twice to poop in the morning so far. She had her head down for a second time inside my house so once I noticed she was trying to find a spot I let her outside to go. This has been consistent for the past couple of days but she's been doing well about going outside.


Pupdate 9/20/2023

Today Hunter and Nox got to have their walk together in the morning which has been going well every day now. They will typically go potty at the same time, if not Nox will poop on grass later on during the walk. Once we returned home Hunter was put into his crate while Nox and I focused on obedience training in the front of my house for about 30 minutes. Once we were done we focused more on Nox's food manners. Nox has been doing ok letting me leave her sight but in the beginning of our practice she is typically excited and has to settle herself before being able to continue.

Later on in the day once Nox woke up from a nap we focused on a specific door to not pass that we have been working on. The kitchen door we enter and leave from inside my house Nox has learned she's not allowed to pass with the assistance of Hunter. Before being able to go into the backyard to play Nox has to sit with Hunter until I break them to go outside. As we practiced this since day one of Nox's board and train she has been able to learn how to wait by this door without making it become an issue to work with. In the beginning she used to run through the door but each time she had to be placed back on my side of the house she was able to learn watching and mimicking Hunter each time I asked them to sit. In the video above Nox is watching me interact with things inside the kitchen. At one point she starts to lean her paws inside the kitchen indicating to me she wants to pass. I ask her to down but she leans way too far forward inside the kitchen so I grab the leash and walk in a circle to place her back into a down. She follows through letting me continue the rest of my practice. I try to cause as many distractions as needed to break her position but she remains in her down obedience command. As I finish the practice, once I break her I point back towards my side of the house and she walks towards my room so I can close the door. Over time this can be an invisible boundary that Nox will always identify to never pass until allowed.


Pupdate 9/21/2023

Today's adventure was heading back to Cerritos Mall for more training! We met up with some of our friends again from offleash and began to walk around the mall. This time Nox was more in a consistent heel rather than trying to pull to smell the dogs. Nox didn't seem too distracted nor did she try to branch out to them as before, even able to take pictures next to each other.

In the video above is our practice of obedience training in public. We started off by heeling in the open area that we were at heading to a specific store to have Nox place herself in a down. Once Nox goes into her down she was able to keep her position very well letting everyone behind me pass by. We finish up with a recall then breaking Nox so she can be praised. Even though this doesn't look like much it's very important to have young puppies as young as Nox performs these types of obedience tasks in public for a better development with confidence in a setting such as a shopping center. By the end of our visit Nox seemed tired and was laying down with me and my coworkers until a teenager saw Nox and wanted to say hi. With my permission I allowed him to say hi to Nox and Nox seemed somewhat timid but was able to keep herself still without breaking position.


Pupdate 9/22/2023

This morning I took Hunter and Nox for their usual morning walk. Once we were done they had their usual play time early in the morning before starting our basic obedience training. We practiced for about 45 minutes going over everything we've done before having a meal. In the video above is our practice with Nox's food going over her food manners. Nox can be seen waiting for her food while I walk around the house. Before Nox used to always get up without even letting me get 5 feet away from the bowl. Now she's able to give me her patience without so much of a struggle to set her food down and walk away. Once she was done she went into her crate and cried momentarily before going to sleep and taking a nap.

Once she woke up she started to cry so I took the time to work more on conditioning Nox to stay in her crate with the door open and she likes to be adamant about leaving her crate each time I'm out of her sight. She will eventually give up this behavior and stay in the crate and settle if the door is open. If she does get out I can simply walk up to her and she will walk back into the crate, as she does this I will ask her to down inside the crate to get her into a better position. As we kept working on this and she wasn't crying about being inside the crate I gave her a break.

Later on I had Hunter and Nox play again. Nox has grown close to Hunter and always tries to pursue his attention. Sometimes while Hunter is in the crate she will stay by his side as if she's accompanying him until he's allowed out. In the video above is their typical behavior amongst each other now. Nox can be very pushy with Hunter but he's knowledgeable on how to guide puppies and redirect certain behaviors. Since we are close to the end of Nox's training she's gonna be rewarded with more playtime than usual for the next two days!


Pupdate 9/23/2023

Today's Nox's last day of her board and train so we started off by going on a walk with Hunter early in the morning. Nox did well again this morning keeping a pace with Hunter, even if needed to be redirected momentarily. They had their playtime early in the morning before leaving for a lesson. Once I returned home I was informed Nox was quiet the entire time I was gone. Once I walked into the room she got excited as most puppies would her age.

Later on I took Nox to La Mirada Regional Park for obedience training and to walk around to get some exercise. Throughout the visit Nox had no issue passing people as long as I was directing her to heel with me in our direction. We stayed by certain areas such as tennis courts, playground, and pond to practice our obedience commands. Each practice we did with all our commands went well with little redirection having to go on. We passed by the pond and as we passed by there was a flock of little birds in front of us. As we passed by them they flew away and Nox had no reaction to this, even though it went well I continued to praise her for her positive attitude. As our visit ended we passed by a couple with some dogs and stopped us in our tracks to see Nox. They kept their dogs in their obedience and we were able to converse for a moment before heading separate ways. I kept Nox in a down throughout the duration of our conversation and once they left I followed up with a heel. We headed back home to rest and enjoy the rest of the day.

Nox has completed her challenges I have set up for her throughout her board and train. Being outside we have been able to improve in every area when walking, staying still, and being well mannered when socializing. Nox has a lot of confidence when being given her obedience in a social setting. Inside a home she's very well when she's able to be out and about, even playing with another dog. Her crying has been better and there are days where she's not so needy but she will have some moments of crying that has to be settled with the right approach. Nox is ready to go home back to her family!



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