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Niner | Pitbull | Rancho Cucamonga, CA | In Training

Meet Niner! He is a two year old Pitbull from Rancho Cucamonga, California here for our Two-Week Board and Train program! Niner is an energetic, curious dog who is very loving but gets distracted easily and likes to jump on guests and pull. Over the next two weeks, Niner will learn how to behave, how to properly greet people and other dogs, and how to be the pup he can be! Stay tuned for Waldo's Two week transformation!


Pupdate 11/13/22

After Niner got dropped off this morning we spent some time bonding at the park. I got the chance to see what he already knows and what he doesn't. He is a very sweet boy and I am looking forward to working with him. He did struggle going inside of his crate and nipped at me at first but eventually got in and settled down. After he took a nice nap we headed off to a local park and had some fun walking around and bonding. Tomorrow we will get started with his training.


Pupdate 11/14/22

Today Niner and I got started on his come to sit command. He picked up on come quickly but struggled wanting to sit. Once he got into the sit position he quickly started to understand that he needs to hold that position. When giving him the “break” command he liked to jump up out of excitement at times. He has gotten comfortable and is enjoying a nice nap on his bed. He did only eat half his breakfast and half his dinner. It is common the first few days as he adjusts to his new environment.


Pupdate 11/15/22

Niner and I started off the day with some training in the backyard and then headed off to two local parks. Today we worked on some loose leash walking along with his place command. Place is any elevated object or surface with a defined boundary. He enjoyed getting on new objects but struggled holding that position. The high winds today seemed to make him a little more on edge. He has settled in nicely in house and is enjoying a nice nap after a full day of training! 


Pupdate 11/16/22

Today Niner and I headed off to meet up with some other trainers and work around some distractions at a local park. He at first wanted to pull towards other dogs and struggled getting onto new surfaces. After he warmed up he walked nicely and held a sit well around other dogs. 


Pupdate 11/17/22

Niner and I headed off to meet up with a couple other trainers and practice his commands around new dogs. He struggled the first 10-15 minutes and pulled to the other dogs and growled at a few. After some reminders and repetitions he got into the swing of things. Around 0 distractions Niner is doing fantastic with his commands. Around new dogs he get distracted easily and needs a couple of reminders. He stops and stares and his tail comes straight up along with his ears and he barks at times. He is making fantastic progress and is such a sweet, fun and goofy boy.


Pupdate 11/18/22

Today Niner and I headed off to a couple local parks and Home Depot. There was a boys & girls baseball game going on that was a bit distracting for him with all the cheering but was the perfect distraction. He walked nicely but struggled to hold his down and sit command when people came close by. We also had a chance to work at Home Depot. He did well with his commands there but wanted to pee a little bit (marking) everywhere he goes. Him doing that is a sign of him wanting to show ownership while we are out in public.


Pupdate 11/19/22

Today Niner and I headed off to a local park. The winds were high today and was very distracting for Niner. We had some great video but my tripod kept getting knocked over in the wind. We headed back home to work on his “place” command. He is doing well with this command but struggles holding for long periods. You will see how is he panting on there and that is with him coming right out his kennel. It is a state of anxiety from him being asked to hangout here and do nothing. It’s quite normal in dogs that are always “go,go,go” Now that he understands the command we will continue increasing time & distance with this one. 


Pupdate 11/20/22

Today Niner and I headed off to Home Depot this morning. He did well with his commands but still struggled to not want to mark on objects when passing by. We would stay in the middle and as soon as we got close to a side he pulled and would try to mark. We then headed off to a park and he did very well. He was distracted by some of the geese but quickly got back into position when reminded. He is holding place much better but is still struggling with holding his down command. 


Pupdate 11/21/22

Niner and I headed off to a local skatepark and then did some training at home today. The loud noises, bicycles, and people had Niner overstimulated at first. After working through a few commands he did well within 5 minutes. We also spent some time in front of the house tightening up some commands and doing some leash dragging work around no distractions. He is doing much better with dropping into that down position and starting to hold from a distance. 


Pupdate 11/22/22

Today Niner and I focused on his come to sit from 15-20 feet away along with him holding his down command. We went to a couple local parks and tractor supply. He did fantastic around all the tree trimmers, bicycles and kids but at tractor supply he struggled to still want too mark when turning through aisles.


Pupdate 11/23/22

Niner and I headed off to meet up with some other trainers and work around some other dogs. He did very well today with people running by him, bicycles riding around him and a lot of dogs. He did well around other dogs but at times did have a tendency to want to pull towards them. With a few reminders he got back into that “heel” position quickly. We even had an off leash dog run up to him and he let out a slight growl but did not pay any mind after that.


Pupdate 11/24/22

Niner and I got started early this morning and headed off to a local park and then worked on his door manners. He is doing much better dropping into that down and holding that position until being released along with automatically sitting when coming to doors. We also got a chance to practice place when my parents came over for thanksgiving. He barked at my dad at first but did not break his place command. 


Pupdate 11/25/22

Niner and I focused on his car door manners today along with working around some high distractions. He is doing well with all his commands but struggles when passing by dogs in close quarters in a high distraction environment. I noticed small dogs in particular are more of a trigger for him then bigger ones. He does well holding his sit or down command if a dog passes by but when walking in that “heel” command he perks up and starts to pull at times and needs a few reminders. 


Pupdate 11/26/22

Today Niner and I worked on some of his greeting manners along with his food manners. We also headed off to a local sports park that was packed and practiced all of his commands. He did fantastic today but still seems to struggle at times when a small animal surprises him. He is looking forward to showing you all his new skills! 


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