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Nicky | Cane Corso Dog Training | Los Angeles, CA

Nicky the 4 years old Cane Corso from Los Angeles, CA. Nicky joined us for our 2 week Board & Train dog training program. Nicky was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal's Chris Ramirez.


Update #5

Nicky is observing how the other dogs react towards her while she just sits there so obedient. Shes so patient now. In the beginning she used to react towards any dog but she’ll just walk pass without no care.


Update #4

Enjoying such a beautiful day out training this girl. She’s so ahead with everything, we’re to the point we can just maintain and make her commands look much sharper!


Update #3

Nailed it with another impressive session with this beautiful girl! Here she’s doing a “Place” command on a bench that isn’t a complete surface that would make it difficult for any other dog to get up on but she has the confidence to get up on it properly!!


Update #2

Nicky impressed everyone today at Home Depot showing off her skills with knowing all of the commands! Everyone wanted to come up and pet her cause she’s so approchable and loving but we were at work and she stood her ground on not getting distracted. Awesome job today girl!


Update #1

Welcoming this beautiful girl to our 2 week board train to develop her current skills to a much more obedient level. Her owners concerns are that she pulls and sometimes react towards certain dogs when she sees them coming by. I will be making her ”Heels” a lot sharper and having her hold commands with any distractions coming her way. Stay tuned!


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