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Naia | German Shepherd Dog Training | Santa Monica, CA

Naia, a 1 year old German Shepherd from Santa Monica, CA. Naia recently completed her Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Wyatt Harris. See Naia's progress below.

Day of drop off.

Meet Naia, the one year old German Shepherd from Santa Monica! Naia is very excited to begin our two week board and train program. She absolutely loves to play and has a need for speed when it comes to running around. Although her love for zoomies is adorable, she has a thing or two to learn about focusing.


Pupdate #2 10/21/2019


Pupdate #3 10/22/2019

Today Naia and I trained by the creek. Naia got a chance to practice her “down” from a distance command while beating the heat in some shade. We were also able to work on Naia’s reactivity with other park goers and their furry friends. She’s making progress every day, and is having fun doing it.


Pupdate #5 10/24/2019

Naia beat the heat with a fun walk in Huntington today.

She's getting great at heeling and ignoring other less friendly dogs.


Pupdate #6 10/25/2019


Pupdate #7 10/26/2019

Naia is soaring through her training! With only one week left, she's feeling more confident than ever and excited to show mom and dad everything she's been learning.


Pupdate 10/27/2019


Pupdate 10/28/2019

Today Naia got to train with my dog Ghost. They did puppy push ups together and let out some well-deserved zoomies at a shady park.


Pupdate 10/29/2019


Pupdate 10/30/2019

Cheesin by the fountain on our walk. The weather is so nice now Naia is enjoying the breeze. She has been practicing off leash heeling and doing great!


Pupdate 10/31/2019


Pupdate 11/01/2019

Naia got to do some outdoor trick or treating at the mall with my niece and nephew. We found lots of booths with doggy treats and she did great with all the kids.

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