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Molly | Labrador Retriever| Glendale, Ca |

Pupdate 09/13/20

I would like to welcome Molly! Molly is here for a 2 week board and train to learn some manners. She likes to jump on people, pull on the leash, and just overall her puppy brain kicks in alittle too much. She is a very fast learner and I can't wait to share her after.

Molly has started to learn come, sit, down, and place. I have not used the ecollar yet for and commands as I would like to get her learning how to give into leash pressure and build up the behavior before I add the ecollar. She isn't confident in her ability to jump onto things yet but we will work on that.


Pupdate 09/14/20

Molly is doing very well. She is a fast learner and is picking up on everything very quickly. She is currently walking very nicely 75% of the time. We have started to lightly pair the ecollar with some commands to help her understand what is being asked. She is alittle unsure of the stimulation and the command together right now but will improve as the week goes on. She is learning how to relaxe in the crate only letting out a few barks here and there. For day 2 she is doing very very well.


Pupdate 09/15/20

Molly is doing very well in her training. She is learning how to relax in her crate and what the ecollar is. She is still very much a puppy so sometimes that brain distracts her but she is very quick to fix herself. She has successfully jumped in and out of the car, getting more confident in her abilities to get up and off of things. Molly has also started learning duration place. Hold the sit command when someone walks behind her is alittle tough for her but she is getting a better understanding of what is being asked for her to do.


Pupdate 09/16/20

Molly worked on hold alot of her commands like place and sit. She is doing very well with listening, she still has moments where she wants to end training early but is learning that she must continue on. Molly has successfully been going in and out of the car and the crate without a struggle. She is no longer barking at people passing by and was able to hold her heel and be easily directed while another dog whined a few feet from her. She is eating and drinking normally.


Pupdate 09/17/20

Molly is doing very well with her commands. Her heel is common along nicely now we are just working on keeping her from drifting to the left. Molly doesn't like to make a mistake. She tries very hard and when she does make a mistake and we go back and redo it she is very eager to correct herself. Molly is working on holding commands and paying attention in more distracting environments.


Pupdate 09/18/20

Molly got to go train at a park around some other trainers and their dogs today and did very well. She got introduced to heeling inbetween some weave poles and was very curious about them at first but was able to go around a few times smoothly. Her downs are really nice, she is holding her commands very well. Molly also worked on jumping into the car into the crate by herself and did amazing. She no longer needs my help to get up.


Pupdate 09/19/20

Molly woke up today with a some crazy energy so she walked on the treadmill for a bit and then worked on her come to heel and place. Molly did very well holding place only get up once and was easily redirected back down. She also worked on door manners, waiting to go in and out of the house and her crate. She does very well with the doors and will automatically sit before I open it. Molly is eating and drinking normally.


Pupdate 09/20/20

Molly was alittle grumpy this more and wasn't a fan of doing some of the commands. She tends to keep a slow pace in heel so we worked on place and come to heel. She tried to stop and lay in the grass but after warming her up somemore she did very well. We walked up to and by some squirrels and she ignored them very nicely. Her drifting has gotten better and we have started to draft the leash. Molly was thrown off with the leash dragging but she will get used to it.


Pupdate 09/21/20

Molly worked on come to heel during her walk and duration down. She likes to be a little velcro and anticipate her release so she can get back next to me but she was able to contain herself and stay put. Her place to place is getting better, she has tried to go behind me to avoid getting up on the object so we did alot of reps of her going from one chair to one cot back and forth the proper way. Her crate mannes have improved, she does get super excited in the morning but once the door opens she now understands that she can't exit untill release. Molly did wake up with an extra "I'm going to be extra boisterous this morning" but calmed down after training. I tried to get her to play with some toys but she was more interested in a cuddle which was okay with me.


Pupdate 09/23/20

Moly worked on distance sit, down and place with doorways. We worked on us walking up to the door and the handler going through while she stops and sits waiting to be released in. She does very well remembering to wait before we go out, sometimes she forgets on our way back in but tends to catch herself and go back to the correct side. Molly did really well today. She had her puppy moments where she did not want to cooperate but they are getting better.


Pupdate 09/23/20

Molly did very well today. She worked on dragging the leash for all of her commands. Molu did very well dragging the leash in her heel and recall. She worked on some long distance stays and recall through weird things. She still has he puppy brain but held every command only having to be reminded a few times. Molly also worked on holding a place while people and dogs passed by infront of her. She was very tempted but did great holding herself in the command.


Pupdate 09/24/20

Molly worked on her off leash skills today in low level distraction. She did very good with her place to place even getting excited and ahead if the command. She did very good not darting out the door when we began our walk. Molly walked on the treadmill and held a place while other dogs walked past her. She worked a bit on not jumping up at anything on the counter. She is super velcro so we did alot of place work to give her something to do.


Pupdate 09/25/20

Molly did very well today. She worked on her off leash skills like heel, come, down and sit. She did very well even as people ran by and dogs barked around her. She only broke command once but was very quickly and easily redirected. She gets very excited when first let out so we make sure to warm her up so that she is paying attention before we start any off leash work. She has been jumping in and out of the car on her own for quite a bit and riding nice and quite in the car with no diarrhea. Very happy with where she is today.


Pupdate 09/26/20

Luna did very well today. She worked on her place while heeling and dragging the leash. Molly has puppy moments where she gets excited but she is quick and easy to redirect and fix the behavior. She has been jumping in and out of the car herself nicely and waiting politely before coming out. Molly did very well walking by other dogs and bikes.


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