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Mojo | Lab Pit Mix Dog Training | Los Angeles, CA

Mojo, a one year old lab/pit mix from Los Angeles. He's a handsome boy, with lots of energy, and lots of love. Mojo just completed his Balanced Canine Training SoCal

2 week Board & Train dog training program. See his progress below.

In Training:

Mojo is a one year old lab/pit mix. He's a handsome boy, with lots of energy, and lots of love.

Pupdate 08/04/2019

This is Mojo! The newest member of our off leash family. He's a goofy, loving boy with lots of energy. He's eager to please, and loves to cuddle. Mojo gets a little too excited around balls, and he loves to bark at the door. He's here for our 2 week board and train program! Stay tuned for Mojos transformation.

Pupdate: 08-05-2019

Today was a day full of fun and learning for Mojo!

We spend the early hours of the morning practicing "Place", after a nice post-breakfast walk. He was a little hesitant at first, but once he realized it wasn't a big deal, he hopped right on up with excitement! It was so cool to see his confidence slowly build as he got used to the place cot.

Update #2 coming soon, it's a video of our progress.

Pupdate 08/06/2019

Pupdate: 8/07/2019

Mojo and I practiced heeling around the park with distractions. He got a little excited by the tennis players, but he refocused quickly!

Pupdate 08/08/2019

Pupdate 8/09/2019

Mojo did really well on our walks today! His heel is getting better everyday, and his turns are a lot smoother. We had a good amount of time practicing downs, and down from a distance today, too!

Pupdate 08/11/2019

Mojo and I had a wonderful day practicing heel around the neighborhood & park! His heel has improved a bunch, he rarely needs any leesh pressure to redirect him back into place. We started practicing off leash heeling, he definitely needs more work with that, but his foundation is solid, and I'm really happy with the progress he's making!

Photo of him practicing place


Pupdate 08/12/2019

Pupdate 08/13/2019

Mojo and I had an amazing training session at PetSmart today! We practiced our heel and impulse control around toys. He did really well. We also ran into some dogs who were really vocal but he remained calm, and continued walking by my side. We got a new tennis ball to play with after our training trip, he's been having fun with it during breaks and playtime.


Pupdate 08/15/2019

Mojo and I had a day of proofing with distractions! We worked on heeling off leash around dogs, with toys being thrown around, and more. The balls definitely caught his attention, but he stayed heeling.

Pupdate 08/16/2019

Pupdate 08/17/2019

Our last day together! We had a good walk this morning, and one last outting at the home Depot to practice our off leash heel! Mojos had a blast at camp, and he's ready to show off his skills at home.


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