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Mochi | Australian Shepherd | Rancho Palos verdes | In- Training







Pupdate: 1/3/22

Mochi did a good job training and listening to her commands. Her heel has become a lot closer and her extended commands she’s getting the hang of! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 1/4/22

Mochi did a great job today training with the leash dragging! She’s starting to get the hang of her commands and she confidently starting to hold her extended commands for a picture! Keep up the good work Mochi!


Pupdate: 1/5/22

Mochi is doing a great job on her commands! She received so many compliments on her behavior and manners. She enjoys being out and meeting new people! Check back tomorrow for more pupdate progress!


Pupdate: 1/6/22

Today Mochi did A good job with all of her commands. Pictures have become easier to capture and her response is a lot quicker! She gives more eye contact and checks in a lot! Keep up the good work Mochi!


Pupdate: 1/7/22

Mochi was Off Leash all day today! She did a great job listening to her commands and giving eye contact! Mochi has achieved all her commands and has gained great confidence! Mochi gets an A+, check back tomorrow for her last adventure!


Pupdate: 1/8/22

Mochi did a wonderful job on her training for her final day. She’s a lot more responsive and gives great eye contact when checking in! Mochi is ready to show her family her new skills and manners! Great job Mochi!



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