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Mocha | Poodle Mix | Baldwin Park, CA | In Training

Meet Mocha! She's an eleven month old Cockapoo from Baldwin Park, California. Mocha is here for our Two-Week Board and Train program! Mocha is very friendly towards people, but she can be reactive to larger dogs. She can also be possessive of certain high value treats. She has issues pulling on her leash, nipping, jumping, and following basic commands. Over the next fourteen days we will teach Mocha how to behave around people and other dogs, how to properly walk on and off leash, and show Mocha how to be the best pup she can be! Stay tuned for Mocha's two week transformation!


Pupdate: 11/6/2022

After picking up Mocha, we walked through Almansor Park for a little while before going home! We bonded a bit and it seems she likes me so far! She is very playful! Mocha has a small rash on her paw which I'll be medicating as needed. It looks very good right now!


Pupdate: 11/7/2022

Mocha went to Home Depot today for her first full day of training! She did very well! She was confident and eager to explore. She definitely loves people! She would try to pull toward people and jump as they pass. We mostly worked on her Heel command today! For Heel, I want Mocha to walk politely next to me with her ears at my left leg. She seems to be picking this command up fairly well, especially if we aren't around a lot of people.


Pupdate: 11/8/2022

Mocha and I tried to avoid the rain by going to Brea Mall today! She seemed to like it. The only time I noticed her get nervous was when we were on the top floor and she was able to see down to the bottom floor. Other than that she did a great job. We worked on her Come To Sit command today! For this command, I want Mocha to come to my right side, go around my legs, and sit on my left side with her ears at my leg. She seems to be picking up this command well!


Pupdate: 11/9/2022

Mocha and I went to Hillcrest Park for training today! She did well all day! We worked on her Place command! For this command, I want Mocha to hop up onto a raised object when asked. She does this well toward the end of the above video! Mocha got a little distracted and excited when some children started playing on the playground nearby. She likes to try to pull and jump toward people to seek attention from them.


Pupdate: 11/10/2022

Mocha and I went to Glendale Galleria today for training! We worked on all of the commands she's learned so far, and added the Down command! She seems to be learning down fairly easily, however she doesn't like to hold it for very long yet. She was very excited walking around the area and often became distracted by the people and noises. There was one instance when a child came up to her to say hi and Mocha stayed mostly calm while being touched! I'm proud of her for that.


Pupdate: 11/11/2022

Mocha and I went to the Santa Monica Pier today for training! Generally, she did a wonderful job. She was a little more nervous than she normally is, but this was the most busy place we've gone so far! Also, I mentioned in a previous post that Mocha seems to get nervous when she's on raised areas, able to see all the way down to the ground. I think being on the pier looking down to the ocean below added to Mocha's nervousness. With that said, Mocha still performed each of her commands reliably! In the above video, Mocha Heels with me very well, and even when passing groups of people her attention is primarily on me. When asked to Place on the yellow box, she hesitates at first, but then hops right up on her second try!


Pupdate: 11/12/2022

Mocha and I went to Cheviot Hills Park today for training! She started working on her commands with the leash dragging. Working with the leash dragging allows me to get an idea of how she might perform off leash while still having access to the leash should I need it. Mocha did a great job all day! She struggled slightly with her Come To Sit, as she wanted to go all the way around me and sit in front rather than at my left, but after several repetitions she got the hang of it! Same thing with her Place command. She was hesitant to hop up onto the bleachers without leash tension at first, but she quickly gained the confidence to do so! Today is Mocha's birthday, so she'll be getting a birthday treat tonight before bed! Happy birthday, Mocha!


Pupdate: 11\13\2022

Mocha went to Almansor Park today for training! She continued her work with the leash dragging. In the above video, you'll see Mocha performing some of her commands at home! I love how confident and attentive she is. Even when she misses her mark, she is able to correct her mistake and continue working!


Pupdate: 11/14/2022

Mocha and I went to Wilderness Park today for training! She's still working on her commands with the leash dragging. I switched her to a much shorter leash to further close the gap between leashed work and off leash work. She did great with all of her commands! We worked a lot on her durations. For Sit, Place and Down, I want Mocha to be able to hold her positions for at least two minutes. She made a lot of progress today!


Pupdate: 11/15/2022

Mocha went to Citadel Outlets for training! She was fully off leash today! She really didn't have any major issues, and was attentive the whole time we were working. One of her only mistakes happened when asking her to Down. There's an example of this in the above video. Sometimes I point to the ground when asking her to Down, and she likes to try to lick my hand if I bring it too close to her. While this isn't a huge issue, I'll definitely be working on it with her!


Pupdate: 11/16/2022

Mocha and I went to Cheviot Hills Recreation Center today for training! She was off leash again, and did a wonderful job. I noticed she was a little bit too excited at a certain point while walking through the fields. She kept wanting to jump or play, instead of Heel with me, but this only lasted about a minute or so before she was back to her normal Heeling. I think the grass was a lot more exciting than the brick at Citadel and this got her a little more amped up!


Pupdate: 11/17/2022

Mocha went to Citadel Outlets today for training! She did some of the best work she's done so far today! In the above video you can see Mocha go through each of her commands around Citadel Outlets without stopping. She performed very well like this all throughout the day!


Pupdate: 11/18/2022

Mocha and I went back to Citadel Outlets today for training! She did even better than yesterday. She was on the top of her game the whole day. We worked heavily on having Mocha allow a stranger to pet her, without her jumping or raising her paws. She definitely liked to jump on people at first, but today she did a great job. She allowed several people to pet her while remaining completely calm.


Pupdate: 11/19/2022

Mocha and I spent most of our time at Almansor Park for her last full day of training! In the above video, I go through some of the manners we've been working on throughout our two weeks. For food manners, I want to be able to put food in front of Mocha without her trying to gobble it up immediately. For door manners, I want her to sit nicely at the door when I open it without trying to rush through before me. For car manners, I'd like Mocha to hop into the car and walk straight into her kennel when asked. For greeting manners, Mocha should sit while someone pets her, without jumping on them. The most difficult one for Mocha was definitely her greeting manners, because she's so playful and she wanted to jump up to greet people. By the end, she's gotten really good with all of these! Mocha has been a pleasure to work with. Her great attitude always made me happy to have her, and I'll definitely miss her once she's home.

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