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Moana | Pit Bull | Compton, CA | In-Training

Moana is a 6 month old Pit Bull here for our one week Board and Train. She is a silly girl who loves to play and one of her favorite toys is the water hose. Moana barks at any dog that is bigger than her while she is on a walk. One activity she loves is chewing on hands. For the next week, Moana will be capable to obey multiple commands so watch her progress!


PUPDATE 9/28/2020


PUPDATE 9/29/2020


PUPDATE 9/30/2020


PUPDATE 10/1/2020

Practicing weaving through poles for Heel

Practicing Place on different objects


PUPDATE 10/2/2020

Enjoying my Coffee Bean while Moana is comfortably in a Down command


PUPDATE 10/3/2020

Enjoying Break from a long hard week!


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