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Mister | Labrador Pitt Mix | Pomona, CA | In-Training

Meet the super smiley Mister! He is a year and a half old Labrador Pit Mix from Pomona, CA. He is here with us for our Two-Week Board and Train Program to help his owners have good communication with him! He is a very big boy coming in at over 100lbs, so jumping on people when he is excited, pulling on or playing tug of war with his leash, and chasing his sibling cats all very easily result with somebody injured! Over all he is a super friendly, incredibly smart, and sweet boy and I can't wait to see how much he learns over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation!


Pupdate 10/04/2020

Mister got to check out all his temporary new digs! He isn't a huge fan of going into the kennel here, but is a happy camper once he is in there. He had a long day between the car ride, new place, and new kennel so he is all tanked out for the night!


Pupdate 10/05/2020

Mister did really well in his first lesson today! We got him conditioned to the E-Collar so he understands that the stimulation isn't bad or scarey and then we started working on his Recall command. He slept great through the night and has been a happy boy all day!


Pupdate 10/06/2020

Mister is coming along awesome! He is such a sharp boy. As of today he has the basics for all of his commands: Sit, Down, Place, Come, Heel, Off, and Break! He helped me make a video about how to practice his recall today, let me know if you have any questions so far!


Pupdate 10/07/2020

Mister is doing awesome! He is even volunteering a drop it and sit when he wants me to throw his favorite toy. We worked on a bitnof everything with a focus on his heel and some breaks in the backyard to learn how to play appropriately with toys. He is getting better and better about the kennel, eating well, sleeping great and overall has adjusted to the program really well! He is still attempting to use his weight and muscle to get out of things he doesn't want to do but with a lot of patience and some prevention he is making a ton of progress.


Pupdate 10/08/2020

Mister is looking so good! He still needs a little leash help with his Down but rarely needs it for anything else! We did a short stint around the neighborhood in which the big man dragged his leash the whole time! He helped me make a video about all of his stationary commands, let me know if you have any questions at all! One note: I accidentally say you never double one of the 3 D's, what I meant to say is you never double more than one of the 3 D's at a time. The big boy is doing really well and I am so proud of all the progress he has already made!


Pupdate 10/09/2020

Mister is doing great! We are working on expanding all of his commands into public distraction spaces and I couldn't be prouder!



Mister is gaining some polish! We worked on his Heel with side corrections (automatically moving to my left side even when started on the right) all with dogs, bikes, skateboards, and kids going around in the parking lot next to us! At first he was a bit overwhelmed by all of it but quickly fell into the obedience he has been taught!

Note: He has been losing a bit of weight. Not at an alarming rate by any means, however, I am going to be upping his intake a bit and adding cheese if he doesn't want to eat it.



Mister went to the park and practiced a little bit of everything today! We did some duration and distance with his Sit, Down, and Place commands and then practiced Heeling with distractions and did some Recall work. He is starting to turn heads with all his new skills! He is such a sweet pup and is learning so much! He is developing some really good manners with doors, cars, and his food too!


Pupdate 10/12/2020

We cleaned Mister's ears this morning which was quite the ordeal for him. He was very tired all morning/afternoon. I did use an old trick of staturating some gauze with the rinse, placing it into his ear (not his favorite) and then massaging/squeezing out the rinse into the ear and then following up with a dry clean piece of gauze to dry it out after. After napping off his ear cleaning escapade we went and worked on a little bit of everything in front of the dog park. At first Mister was really distracted by the dogs running up to the fence and playing with each other near him but it only took a little guidance and he went straight back into everything he has learned in the last week! With the additive of the cheese Mister is now only eating the pieces with the cheese on them and isn't upping his volume as much as I would like. So I will be trying all the tricks up my sleeve to get him to eat a bit more over the next few days since his weight is still on the decline.


Pupdate 10/13/2020

Mister did a short hike including a ton of practice with all his stationary commands (Sit, Down, Place) all without ever needing any leash direction! He dragged it the whole time! He is really coming along well and will be starting on his final video before we know it! He did eat much better today with his food being watered/heated with the cheese in it, so I will be keeping that up for the duration of his stay.


Pupdate 10/14/2020

Mister is looking sharp! We did some work teaching an advancement of his Place command, Place to Place (to transfer from one Place to another with a hand gesture). We worked on a bit of everything in our two sessions at the Duck Park and Mister is really starting to look impressive. We had a whole group of spectators checking out his skills today!


Pupdate 10/15/2020

Mister is going to be starting work on his final video tomorrow! He did really great in his two sessions today, we practiced a bit of everything. He is almost ready to go home and show off his skills for mom!


Pupdate 10/16/2020

Mister is so much fun to show off these days! He did a bit of everything today and filmed some of his final video. He has come such a long way in the last two weeks I can barely believe that he is the same pup sometimes! That is until he gets his favorite toy and starts loping around the backyard or doing his whole potty dance routine! He is going to be very missed but I know he is going to be so happy to go home.


Pupdate 10/17/2020

Mister is all packed up and ready to go home! He finished filming his final video today and got some extra love on his last day!


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