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Mister Finley | 1 year old | Hermosa Beach, CA | In-Training

Finley is here for our world famous two week board and train program. Finley does bark at other canines while on leash, he has been know to tear things up when not given enough attention, and recently has begun counter surfing. Otherwise Finley is loving, smart, gets along with both humans and other dogs. Keep checking back to watch Finley's progress through training.


Pupdate 08-06-2019

Mister Finley working on his basics and creating a solid foundation to build off of and only make stronger. Solid foundation is important especially when it's time for a field trip and there is lots of distractions. Good boy!!


Pupdate 08/07/2019


Pupdate 08-08-2019

Mister Finley relaxing in the cool grass after a big day of work. Basics are cleaning up very nicely. now it's just about time for a field trip! Stay tuned!


Pupdate 08/09/2019


Pupdate 08-10-2019

Time for a field trip, Mister Finley!

Here he is out and about Downtown working on place and all his other commands. Good boy!!


Pupdate 08/11/2019


Pupdate 08-12-2019

Mister Finley taking in the culture as we do some distance work on this beautiful day. Good boy!


Pupdate 08/13/2019


Pupdate 08-14-2019

Mister Finley out and about on another daily adventure. Placing on everything we can and working on that duration. What a good boy!!


Pupdate 08/15/2019


Pupdate 08-16-2019

Mister Finley has come a long way, seems like just yesterday that I picked him up and before I knew it almost two week has gone by so fast.

He has done a fantastic job while a part of our program and I'm so excited to see him reunite with his family. It's gonna be awesome!

Pupdate 08/17/2019

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