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Missy | German/Belgian | Azusa, CA| In-Training

She is good with women, children and some men. Dog aggression, loses control when she see's dogs while walking. She barks at anyone and anything near or around our house.

Missy joined our famous 2 week board and train.

Pupdate# 2 08/05/2019

Missy is learning rules boundaries and limitations.

Pupdate#3 08/06/2019

Pupdate#4. 08/07/2019

I had plenty of fun today running freely through the mountains.

Pupdate 08/08/2019

Missy has been a leader for a long time, now she is a follower. Good girl.

Pupdate 08/09/2019

Pupdate 08/10/2019

Pupdate 08/11/2019

Off leash heel

Pupdate 08/12/2019

Pupdate 08/13/2019

Working place command on multiple objects.

Pupdate 08/14/2019

Pupdate 08/15/2019

In The City of Hollywood .

Pupdate 08/16/2019

Pupdate 08/17/2019



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Hours of Operation

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