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Misha | Pomsky | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Misha, a 4 month old Pomsky from Los Angeles, CA. She is here for our three week puppy Board and Train program! Misha is a sweet and lovable pup but has issues with separation anxiety, jumping on people, and pulling on the leash. Misha will learn basic obedience and much more during her stay with me so keep checking her PAWsome transformation!

Misha was just getting accustomed to all of the new sights and smells today. She was not happy going in the house crate for a couple minutes. Misha has great energy and she is a very happy pup! I wanted to see if she knew any commands and she did sit a couple times but did not know commands like place, heel, or down. I can already tell she is a little stubborn and when she does not get her way, she gets vocal. Can't wait to start training tomorrow!


PUPDATE 1/31/2022

Misha did great today with her first lesson! I went to a local park to work on our basic commands she will be learning. I can tell she is a fast learner and REALLY enjoys treats! Soon I will ween off treats and use verbal praise as the reward. I made sure to give her a lot of downtime due to her age. It is important to note that when she starts to not listen, it is best to stop training for the meantime and resume at a later time. I am going to have very short training sessions with her (about less than 15 minutes) so that she can absorb everything we practiced and give her a rest. She is fantastic at staying in sit while I walk away! There are many dogs that cannot do that so that is great to see!


PUPDATE 2/1/2022

Misha had a good day today at the park. I think she is getting the hang of it. She still gets very distracted and excited when she is out in public. She is pulling less on the leash which is good progress. Misha did good with Sit but had a hard time with Down so we will be practicing that more. Some place objects like the bench and the rock were a little hard for her to get up on but she did well staying on them. She is eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping normally.


PUPDATE 2/2/2022

Misha had a very productive day today at Balboa Park. There were many distractions to work through and overall she did well. She is still making progress on not pulling on the leash so now we are focusing more on walking even when there are distractions around. She still needs help to get up on some place objects but I am happy that she is understanding the concept of Place. Since Misha does not want to sit still for long periods of time, down is still a little difficult for her. She met another Offleash SoCal dog and they were playing together.


PUPDATE 2/3/2022

I took Misha to another local park to expose her to a new environment and work on her distractions. She is making good progress with her heel command. She is still working on jumping up onto place objects like benches. She knows how to stay on them the majority of the time which is great. Later, I let her play around with my dog and the other OffLeash SoCal pup staying with me and she was having a great time. She LOVES being chased around. It is important to keep a nice balance between training her and taking breaks because she is just a puppy. She is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 2/4/2022

I took Misha to the Cheviot Hills park to mainly work on heeling. As you can see in the video, she still gets very distracted by things around. But she is making progress on not pulling on the leash as mentioned before. We are working on her distraction work but it will take time. I am happy with the progress she has made with sit and she does it better each time. In the video, we work on the down command and she does get up sometimes so we are working on that.


PUPDATE 2/5/2022

Misha did great today since this was our first public training session. Her heel was getting better but she still gets very distracted with anything around her. The one thing I was really impressed by was her duration sit on place. She stayed on a bench for two minutes straight while people walked by and even a little kid riding a bike. Great job Misha! She was still having trouble with heel and down. Later, she played with the other OffLeash SoCal pup and she had a fun time doing that. She warmed up to him and now she loves wrestling with him.


PUPDATE 2/6/2022

I took Misha to the century city mall to help her with distraction work. I was pleasantly surprised at how well she did there. There were a lot of people, strollers, and other dogs when we were training and overall she did well. It seemed like she got more distracted when she was in a motion command like Come to Sit and Heel. I was really happy with how well she did with her Extended Sit on Place and Down commands today. There were so many people that walked by and they were very close to her and she did not get up. Everyone was saying how cute and well behaved she was. We did walk by some dogs and she was interested so we kept Heeling. There were some dogs that went passed her as she was in the Down command and she did not move so that was very good progress. Misha continues to not go straight into a Down command when asked so I had to keep guiding her downward. I had some lessons at the local park today and she met a 200 pound Mastiff and she really liked him! She was so excited to say hi and was not afraid at all. Great work Misha!


PUPDATE 2/7/2022

I took Misha to a park with geese to work more on distractions. She still gets very distracted. When distractions were not around and we were heeling, she was doing well and continues to make progress each day on that. Her duration commands were still doing very well but trying to make her focus on you while the distractions were around was difficult for her. She got on small place objects like a rock and chess stool well so that is a great sign. She had great heeling moments and then once something interesting was passing by, she would stop paying attention. She is eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping normally.


PUPDATE 2/8/2022

Misha had a good day at The Block in Santa Ana to work on distractions. Overall, she did really well. I am proud of how far she has come. She still gets distracted when we walk and sometimes distracted with objects on the ground while she was in a down command as you can see in the video. She got out of the down command a couple times because she assumed she was done when I walked close to her. Other than that, her heel was better but I still had to give her a couple reminders to focus. She really does well at the place command.


PUPDATE 2/9/2022

I took Misha to another local outdoor mall to work on new distractions in a different environment. I noticed today she was looking up at me more which is an awesome sign. We want that instead of her looking around at all the distractions. She did not do to well at extended down today as she kept getting up when I walked by or kids. She continued to do great with extended sit on place! I met with another OffLeash SoCal trainer and her training pup to work on socialization and Misha was excited and had a good time with the other pup.


PUPDATE 2/10/2022

Misha had a better day today at the Northridge mall. She did much better with extended down while people were walking by. She needs to work on her come to sit more so we will be working on that. Her heel is doing better. She still gets distracted when people walk by her but it is better than when she first arrived for training. I was trying to have her heel and make mistakes so she learns to correct herself.


PUPDATE 2/11/2022

I was so proud of Misha today! I trained her in Santa Monica at the third street promenade. There was a Superbowl event with a DJ, radio station, and booths. She worked through so many distractions and did amazing. Putting her into a down command still requires me to guide her with the leash, but she stayed there so well I just needed to take a video for you guys! As you can see in the video, she stays in command when a bike, strollers, and people walk around her. Great work! We also met up with other OffLeash SoCal trainers for socialization and she was very happy about that.


PUPDATE 2/12/2022

I took Misha to a local outdoor center to work on all her commands. She was a little distracted with heeling today. I think she listens better when she is a little tired. Her main triggers are when kids or dogs walk by. I am still having to use the leash to guide her downward for the down command. Every now and then I do have to redo it because she got out of command. For the most part, she does well with duration commands. Misha loves going on different place objects and she is very good at that. I have been putting a blanket on her crate when she is in there and it seems to really help her calm down. She is eating/drinking/peeing/pooping normally.


PUPDATE 2/13/2022

I took Misha to a park with many distractions to work on her focus. Overall, she did well! Her extended sit on place continues to be her strongest command. While we were heeling, she would get distracted when a dog would walk past her so we will be working on that. Misha needs to work on extended down as she gets out of command quickly as seen in the video. When this happens, it is important to put her back in a down command in the same spot she got out of. She does well with extended down when distractions walk by her so that is great!


PUPDATE 2/14/2022

Happy Valentine's Day! Misha spent the day at a local town center to expose her to a new distracting environment. Overall, she did well. She had some moments where she got so excited with all the new sights and smells and did not listen as well. She continues to do very well with getting on different place objects so I keep trying to put her on more difficult ones like the narrow rock that is close to the water. When there is a highly distracting thing, like the geese seen in the pictures, it gets very difficult for her to listen. Keeping in mind she is still very young and is still experiencing these types of situations is important for her training.


PUPDATE 2/15/2022

Misha did not have the best afternoon today at the local park. She seemed very distracted and was not listening very well. I am not sure why she was so distracted by little distractions when there have been other places with much bigger distractions. Maybe very little distractions are what she is able to pay attention to the most versus high distracting areas that have too many things to focus on at one time. We tried greeting manners but she is still very excited as seen in the video. Later, I took her on a walk in the neighborhood and she did great and did all the commands. Her heel looked and felt much better. The difference between the outdoor mall and the neighborhood walk was that there were no distractions except for cars passing during the neighborhood walk.


PUPDATE 2/16/2022

I took Misha to The Grove in Los Angeles to see if more distractions helped her concentrate on training. Surprisingly, it worked! She was doing a lot better than yesterday as you can hopefully tell in today's video. The only thing that really hinders her is when people are very excited to see her. I wanted to leave those parts in the videos today to show you that we are still working on it. Other than that, she really pushed through a lot of distractions today and I am very proud of her. I always give her the benefit of the doubt when she gets out of a duration command because she is just a puppy and people just want to come up to her because she is so cute.


PUPDATE 2/17/2022

I took Misha to The Collection in Oxnard to work on a new environment. Overall, she did very well. She kept in heel well and went on every place object. The one thing she continues to do is find objects around her to pick up and eat when she is in a duration command. I use OFF to help her understand this is an unwanted behavior. Great work!


PUPDATE 2/18/2022

Misha had some good moments and not so good moments today. Overall, she tried her best given all the distractions and the excitement going on around her. But there were a lot of times where she got out of her duration down randomly because she seemed over it and rather not do it. Which she has never done before. I tried using treats to encourage her to focus but that led her to act out a little more and even hop while heeling to get the non existent treat out of my hand. She still was distracted when dogs went by her. The video seen was the best shot and it ended by her getting by ice cream on the cement.


PUPDATE 2/19/2022

Misha had a great day today at the Santa Monica Pier! She worked really hard on all her commands! She never broke a duration sit on place which was amazing. There were so many people, bikes, and music around but she did great overall. She had difficulty staying in a duration down like she did yesterday. Can’t wait to show you everything she learned tomorrow!


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