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Milo | 6 months old | PitBull Husky mix | Santa Ana, CA | In Training

Update #6

We had another great day yesterday with some more training! His ”Heels” and other commands off Leash are improving! He’s such a great smart puppy! Can’t wait to challenge him more today at the Farmers Market!


Update #5

Went to the harbor to learn some proper greeting manners with bystander. Also, perfecting the “Place” command to gain more confidence one much more narrower objects. WINNING!


Update #4

Taking advantage of the warm clear weather today to get some training in! Milo understands all of the commands and now its time to get everything perfect with as much distractions as possible! look at that smile!!


Update #3

Out at Home Depot today, keeping ourselves out of the rain. Love this place cause it has all the distractions that’s need to make this pup PERFECT. He’s so attentive right out of the gate. Let keep this going little pup!


Update #2

Look how attentive he looks here! He’s ready to learn as much as possible for the next two weeks. Right now he’s doing a ”Place” command on a cot. We are getting his ”Down” and ”Sit”. Next it will be perfecting his “Heel”!


Update #1

Meet the beautiful stud! He’s here for our 2 week board and train to learn 7 obedient commands to be off leash ready! He’s owners concern are that he loves to pull on the leash and gets super distracted when he sees another dog. He’s at that age where he wants to play and learn what he can get away with. He’s going to gain some great confidence within the training! Stay tuned!

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