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Mikey | Husky/Pit Bull Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

This is Mikey, a 7 month old Husky/Pit Bull Mix from Los Angeles, CA here for our 2 week Board & Train program. Mikey is a special boy that loves to play but he is here because of his nipping, pulling on leash, aggressively bark at strangers, and jumps on people in excitement. Within 2 weeks, Mikey will transform into a pawsome doggie that his owner will be walking around town with ease! Keep checking back in to see how he does!

Checking out all the new smells in the backyard


PUPDATE 12/14/2020


PUPDATE 12/15/2020


PUPDATE 12/16/2020


PUPDATE 12/17/2020


PUPDATE 12/18/2020


PUPDATE 12/19/2020


PUPDATE 12/20/2020


PUPDATE 12/21/2020

Off leash at a park!!


PUPDATE 12/22/2020


PUPDATE 12/23/2020

In duration down while I was eating. breakfast!


PUPDATE 12/24/2020


PUPDATE 12/25/2020

Practicing duration down with another dog with other distractions at the park!


PUPDATE 12/26/2020


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