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Micho | Great Dane | Hacienda Heights, CA | In-Training

Micho, a 1 year old Great Dane, joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Micho’s owners are having trouble with his lack of following commands when distracted, leash pulling, excessive barking, being over protective where he growls and lunges at people. Over the next two weeks Micho will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 7/12/2021

Today I introduced and conditioned Micho to the ecollar. We worked on commands sit, down, and place. Place is a command where Micho must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be relaxed and calm. Micho loves hanging out with his new buddies.


Pupdate 7/13/2021



Today Micho and I went back to the park to work on his commands and add a new command, come to sit. We started working on his duration, holding his commands longer. Another Offleash SoCal trainer met up with us so Micho got to work around dog distractions. I didn't have the other trainer come up and greet him, since we were working without his muzzle today. He did pretty well, the other trainer was calling his name and talking to him and Micho seemed interested and meeting her. He did show me his aggession, back at home, when the Amazon delivery person came to the gate to drop off the package. He barked, growled, and jumped up on the gate to try and get to her. He also tried to do it again with some bikers riding past the house, but I gave him a correction on the collar and he stopped, turned around, and came back to me. It's a work in progress, but now that Micho has obedience commands down, we will be going out in public around more human distractions to work on not being reactive to people.


Pupdate 7/15/2021

Today it was a little too hot to go out and work on Micho's obedience in public. Micho's tummy was unsettled today, I noticed he had soft stool. So, we state home and work on his commands. I used his doggie friends as distractions and we practiced commands while the other dogs played around him.


Pupdate 7/16/2021

Today Micho and I went to Birch St. in Brea to work on his commands around distractions. Micho was a bit distracted at first, but once we walked around he calmed down and was able to focus on his commands.


Pupdate 7/17/2021

Micho working on his off leash obedience.


Pupdate 7/18/2021


Pupdate 7/19/2021

Today Micho and I went down to the beach to work on his off leash commands around high distractions. He was very reactive in the car when someone approached, but while we were walking around he was totally fine. A few people approached us and Micho was calm and ignored them. I’m noticing every time he has reacted it has been territorial (the car, the house). we met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers who helped me work on Micho’s greeting manners. We would approach one another, I would have Micho sit while we talked. He didnt growl or try to lunge. He was actually interested in one trainer that he approached and sniffed her.


Pupdate 7/20/2021


Pupdate 7/21/2021

Today Micho and I went to the Citadel Outlets to work on his commands around high distractions. He wasnt reactive to any of the people. There were actually two people that approached us and asked if they could take photos with him. He was even comfortable with them petting and talking to him. He did a great job today!


Pupdate 7/22/2021

Today Micho and I met up with another Offleash SoCal trainer and her dog at The Westfield Santa Anita Mall. Micho was able to work on his off leash commands around distractions and in the cool indoors. He did a very good job. Someone stopped to compliment Micho on how well behaved he was.


Pupdate 7/23/2021


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