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Mia | 10mo German Shepherd | Los Angeles, CA

Mia a 10 month old German Shepherd from Los Angeles, CA recently finished our OffLeash SoCal 2 week Board & Train Program. Mia was trained by Christine Brooke.

In Training:

Mia comes to us with some timidness and stubbornness at times! Watch her progress the next two weeks!

Mia looking at that other dog like maybe it could come see us for some training!

Mia working on her confidence on a higher place object!

Learning about some distance!

Mia working on her off leash heel in Home Depot!

Someone has been practicing her place command!

Mia went shopping to try and get ready for Halloween! Not a big fan of all those pesky kids running around though!

Mia learning her place command!


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