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Memphis | Golden Doodle | Newbury Park | In Training

Memphis, a 1 year old Goldendoodle, has joined Offleash for our 1 week board and train program. Memphis is a sweet boy but needs a little work on his manners. He is reactive in the car and while going for a walk when he sees other dogs. He loves making new dog friends but barks and pulls to see them. Over the next week, Memphis will be working on his obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress.


Pupdate 7/27/2020

Memphis has settled in wonderfully. He is having a great time with his new friends. Today i introduced him to the E-Collar and conditioned him to it. We practiced the commands come and sit.


Pupdate 7/28/2020

Memphis practicing his obedience commands at the park. Today we worked on come to sit, place and loose leash heel.


Pupdate 7/29/2020

Back at the park again. Memphis practicing a loose leash heel with dog distractions.


Pupdate 7/30/2020

Memphis practicing his food manners, learning to wait and give me eye contact until I allow him to eat his food. Today we home and did training. We worked on all commands: come to sit, heel, place, and down. Memphis is doing a great job with his obedience. We are still working on the barking when people arrive or knock on the door, but he is getting better.


Pupdate 7/31/2020

Today I took Memphis to the La Mirada Park to work on commands. We walked past dogs and he walked right by them. He is doing a great job!


Pupdate 8/1/2020


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