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Maybelle | Basenji | Gardena, CA | In Training

Introducing our newest pup in training, Maybelle! She is an 8 month old Basenji who recently went through a 9 week board and train program that didn't get the results her dad was looking for. We are going to be spending the next two weeks establishing a solid foundation of obedience, teaching her consistency and to respect the commands she is given even when she is not in the mood to listen or is distracted.


Pupdate 10/12/2020

Spent the afternoon with Maybelle teaching her the heel command. She is learning to match my pace and directional changes. Maybelle is extremely alert and always scanning the area to see what's going on. I have been showing her how to focus on me rather than everything else going on around her. She is responding well to the E-Collar and will slow down or stop pulling with lower level corrections.


Pupdate 10/13/2020

Maybelle out on our walk this evening.

She often gives me this halfway sit where her butt doesn't all the way touch the floor so we are working on that. Maybelle is feeling a bit under the weather today, she had some bad diarrhea as well as threw up some of her food after eating it. She is drinking lots of water to replace all those fluids though. We worked on heeling today around my dog Kylo and her partner in training, Cashew as a distraction.


Pupdate 10/14/2020

Showing Maybelle how to perform the command "Place" today. She is working on getting on to the cot and holding a sit until hearing her release command " Break". As she gains more understanding of the command, I begin adding distance from her, duration as well as beginning to introduce distractions like other pups walking around her. Maybelle is still fighting off a case of diarrhea. I added some rice and pumpkin into her dinner this evening in hopes of soothing her upset stomach.


Pupdate 10/15/2020

Poor Maybelle has spent a large majority of our walk this evening in this position. She still is trying to push out mostly liquid stool at this point and will stop every 15-25 yards or so to try again. She will be eating rice and pumpkin again tonight in hopes of soothing that stomach while also using the rice to fill up her stomach and give her something that doesn't upset her stomach further. Keeping a very close eye on her.


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