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Maui | Bernedoodle | Culver City, CA | Boarding

Meet Maui! A sweet and playful Bernedoodle has joined us for our boarding program. Over these next few days Maui and I will enjoy our time together as he receives plenty of playtime with his new friends as well as brushes up on some of his commands.


Maui had an eventful day once he got settled in at his temporary home. I introduced him to the pack, and he took well to them. It didn't take them long before they were running around & playing with each other!


Maui and I ventured out to the park today with the whole Off Leash So Cal pack! He enjoyed himself as he explored his new environment, sniffing away. We brushed up on his Heel and Come to Sit which he has done well with. Always checking in on me during the walk. Good boy Maui! 


Maui and I started our day with a stroll to the park. He is a very good boy during our walk, checking in with me often. He has even been helping me with training the other pups, helping proof their commands near other dogs. We then went home and played some fetch together. He loves bringing toys back to me and responds well to Off. Good job Maui! 


Maui took a trip to the mall today! We took a stroll around the mall, letting him soak in his surroundings. He did well and checked in with me frequently. Once we got home he had plenty of playtime with his new friends. 


Maui spent the day playing with his friends after we went on a stroll around the neighborhood. He did great with his Heel, staying by my left hand side without needing much guidance from me. Maui is a very energetic & sweet pup who is always up for a game of fetch along with belly rubs! 


Maui and I started our afternoon with a walk before he got home and played some more with his friends. He has been a great help with bringing my other board and train pup Rosie out of her shell. Great job Maui!


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