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Maude | Wire-haired Pointing Griffon | Pacific Palisades, CA | In-Training

This is Maude, a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon from Pacific Palisades, CA. Maude is a very intelligent dog that loves her toy. She is here for our three week board and train program because she is stubborn and has some separation anxiety. Maude will learn the basic and advanced commands throughout her time here so keep checking her pupdates!


PUPDATE 10/4/2021

She took her medication well this morning.


PUPDATE 10/5/2021

Another OffLeash SoCal pup in training came along to practice socialization

She took her medication this morning.


PUPDATE 10/6/2021


PUPDATE 10/7/2021


PUPDATE 10/8/2021


PUPDATE 10/9/2031


PUPDATE 10/10/2021


PUPDATE 10/11/2021


PUPDATE 10/12/2021


PUPDATE 10/13/2021


PUPDATE 10/14/2021


PUPDATE 10/14/2021


PUPDATE 10/15/2021


PUPDATE 10/16/2021


PUPDATE 10/17/2021


PUPDATE 10/18/2021


PUPDATE 10/19/2021

Maude showing the new training dog, Captain the ropes!


PUPDATE 10/20/2021


PUPDATE 10/21/2021


PUPDATE 10/22/2021


PUPDATE 10/23/2021


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