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Mary Ice Cream | Catahoula Leopard Dog | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Mary Ice Cream! Mary Ice Cream is a 16 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog from Los Angeles, CA! She is joining us for our One Week Board and Train Program! Mary Ice Cream knows some of her basic obedience but needs a little help with her heel. She tends to pull on leash and is easily distracted by other dogs! Mary Ice Cream is a sweet girl who is ready to learn! Watch out for her 7 day transformation!


Pupdate 2/6/2022

Mary and I worked on her first lesson at a local park today. It took her a while to get used to the e-collar and would try to rub herself on the grass. She did really well adjusting to it after a couple of minutes. She knows her ‘sit’ and ‘down’ command really well so we were working on having her hold it for a bit longer! She still remembers a lot of her commands and is such a smart girl. She did try to pull me when we worked on her ‘heel’. She would get easily distracted and try to veer off in different directions. We worked on having her walk right next to me. She is slowly coming out of her shell and is such a sweet girl. She ate her dinner with the bowl on top of her kennel. She adjusted to it quickly and ate half of her dinner. Overall, Mary did such a good job today and ate her medication with her food.


Pupdate 2/7/2022

Mary worked on her ‘heel’ and ‘sit/down’ durations today! She worked at Legg Lake Park alongside other trainers and their pups. Mary had a hard time staying in focus when the other pups were around. She wanted to sniff at them or walk up to people for attention. Mary is getting a lot better at her ‘heel’ but at times will try to rush ahead of me or lag behind. She also tends to veer off to the side, she doesn’t like walking so close to me. Mary did amazing once we started working on her durations. She did try to get up a couple of times but started to get the hang of it once we worked on it for a couple of minutes. We introduced her ‘come’ command and she did amazing! Mary is such a smart and sweet girl! She ate half of her dinner with her medication and went potty like normal!


Pupdate 2/8/2022

Mary worked on her commands at a local park today! We worked on her ‘heel’ some more today. She didn’t try to pull me as much today but she is still struggling with walking so close. She did get a bit distracted with a couple of kids at the park but didn’t make an effort to walk up to them. We worked on ‘sit’ and ‘down’ durations again. She is getting a lot better but seems to get more nervous and tries to walk over to me when there’s a loud noise, especially if she’s in a ‘down’. We worked some more on it around the kids playing and other dogs. I also introduced ‘place’ to her again. We worked on having her jump on different textured surfaces and surfaces that were smaller than her. She did a great job jumping up and staying in place. She ate all of her breakfast and half of her dinner. She also took her medication with her food!


Pupdate 2/9/2022

Mary went to The Grove to work on all of her commands! She did really well today but still gets overly excited when seeing other dogs. She did get spooked by a couple of people who were moving trash cans around, she tries to rush away and hide behind me. Her ‘heel’ has slowly gotten better but she still tends to try and walk ahead of me. Mary does really well with all of her other commands and have improved on her ‘durations’! Overall, Mary is being such a good girl and is eating all of her food. She had some play time before bed!


Pupdate 2/10/2022

Mary went to Petsmart today where we worked on all of her commands. She was a bit distracted with all of the dogs and people but after a couple of minutes she relaxed and was able to focus. She did get a bit spooked by some of the workers who were moving some products, she tried to walk ahead of me but recovered quickly. Her ‘heel’ has gotten a lot better and doesn’t need much leash pressure. She is also getting a lot better with her e-collar! Mary also went to a local park today where we worked on her ‘durations’. She did want to walk up to people who were playing basketball but with a couple of corrections she seemed to focus more. Overall, she is being a good girl!


Pupdate 2/11/2022

Mary went to Santa Monica Promenade where we worked on all of her commands today. We mainly focused on her ‘heel’ today while out at the promenade. She did great but would be really interested at other dogs that passed. She did great with her ‘extended down’ and ‘place’ today! We were able to train with other trainers today, Mary was really interested in them and wanted to walk up to them. After a couple of corrections, she was able to focus a bit more. She did amazing walking through a crowd and didn’t mind people getting too close. She did get spooked at a couple of loud people who were stomping and cheering but she quickly recovered. Overall, she did a great job!


Pupdate 2/12/2022

Mary went to The Americana at Brand where we worked on all of her commands. She is doing amazing and was so focused today. She worked around other trainers and their pups, she tried to walk up to them at first but after working a bit she ignored them. Mary was really interested in dogs that passed her but she didn’t make an effort to walk up to any of them! She was getting a bit tired towards the end of the day since it was a bit hot out today! After some rest we spent the rest of the day at the park where we had some play time! She ate half of her breakfast and dinner and drank plenty of water! Overall, she is a good girl!

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