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Martha | Siberian Husky | Glendale, CA | In-Training

Meet Martha, the 9 month old, husky from Glendale, CA. She is joining us for our One-Week Board and Train Program to work on her obedience and mental stimulation. She is a sweet, friendly girl who loves jumping to say hi and mouthing to say no. Watch all that she learns with us!


Pupdate 08/29/21

Martha spent her first day investing her new surroundings and going for a walk. She worked on recall and door manners. She was not a big fan of the crate but was ok as long as someone was in the same room as her. She definitely does not like being told what to do and like to jump or do the husky roll while mouthing your arms. We will be working on that. She enjoyed meeting my family and investigating the fan. She worked on not pulling on the leash on our walk around the neighborhood and recall on a long leash. She ate some of her food but not all of it.


Pupdate 08/30/21

Martha went to a new park today to work on her recall and learn about the e collar. She worked on placing on different objects. She spent the evening working on not pulling the leash on a walk and waiting at the door politely. She didn't eat her breakfast but ate around half of her dinner.


Pupdate 08/31/21

Martha went to an outdoor mall today! She worked on loose leash walking around lots of distractions. She worked with a new friend named Winter. She did a great job not trying to jump on anyone or paw them! She so gets distracted and tries to pull but we are working on that. She they spent the evening working on place to an episode of The Flash.


Pupdate 09/01/21

Martha worked on her manners today. She worked on not rushing the crate door and adding more doors to her door manners. She also went to a park to work on her heeling and adding duration to her place and down commands. She worked on polite greetings but she still needs to work on that, if someone pets her to long she jumps. She ate most of her food, she just gets distracted.


Pupdate 09/02/21

Martha spent the day working on adding distractions to her commands. She went for a walk with my other dog and worked on not being distracted and staying in the heel. She also worked on duration sit, down and place with dog distractions. She was able to place with my dog out for a while episode of Sparking Joy! She also worked on recall with dog distractions.


Pupdate 09/03/21

Martha spent the day out at an outdoor mall. She worked on her polite greetings while meeting people. She was an excellent girl and did not jump or punch anyone or any other dog. We worked on heeling through crowds and our turns. She also worked on her duration times with her commands. Later we worked on her recall on our walk and adding duration to her manners.


Pupdate 09/04/21

Martha spent her last day working at the park with me for my lessons. She got to show off her commands and relax in the shade. She worked on duration place and down, while other dogs were around. She also got to meet some new people to work on her polite greetings. She did seem to get an owey on her paw from something at the park so I put some ointment on it after I saw she was licking it. She spent the evening getting some final cuddles and was either in place or in a duration down while we watched the second My Hero Academia movie and played the board game Sequence.



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