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Maple | 6 Year Old | Pitbull | Lakewood, CA | In Training |

Day of Drop Off

Maple is a rescue Pitbull, who comes to Off Leash SoCal for our Two Week Board & Train package. Maple has already gone through our basic obedience lessons, but due to the fact that she still has dog aggression issues, Maple is getting extra training. I’m confident that she will work hard and overcome any obstacle thrown her way. Stand by for Maples amazing transformation.


Pupdate 12/09/2019


Pupdate 12/10/2019


Pupdate 12/11/19

Look at these three ALL doing so well. Maple is learning to hold her commands with dog distractions.


Pupdate 12/12/19

First time Maple has been out in public with distractions, she’s maintaining her commands. she aims to please and works well off of praise.


Pupdate 12/13/2019


Pupdate 12/14/19


Pupdate 12/15/2019


Pupdate 12/16/2019


Pupdate 12/17/19

Maples confidence is really improving.


Pupdate 12/18/2019


Pupdate 12/19/2019



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