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Goldendoodle - Dog Training | Mango | Los Angeles, Ca

Mango, a ​Mini Goldendoodle from ​Los Angeles, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board & Train dog training program. Mango was trained by ​dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA​.


Mango is here for our 3 Week Board and Train program and she couldn't be more excited about it. She is a fluffy ball of energy who is going to be practicing lots of leash manners and learning to calmly great friends and strangers. She is ready to get started!


Pupdate 02/03/2020

Today Mango and I worked heavily on Come and Sit. Although it may seem like a very simple exercise, making Mango hold a sit and then come when called is a great way to practice her recall and show her to hold commands until given her next direction.


Pupdate 02/04/2020

Mango on her trip to Lowes. She focused on practicing the "Place" command on different spots around the store. Place is a great command for building trust and confidence. It also is very practical. She is working on holding place until she is released with "Break".


Pupdate 02/05/2020

Practicing duration down today while at dinner. Mango also practiced some table side manners. Learning not to beg is hard when burritos smell this good but she is doing her best! She was very disappointed to find out the food wasn't for her.


Pupdate 02/06/2020

Mango performing a place outside on our walk. We practiced going off leash for a bit today and she did very well!


Pupdate 02/07/2020

The under command may seem like a tricky one but it's essentially just the place command underneath something. Under is a useful command to know for instances like when you're eating at a restaurant with Mango and you don't want anyone stepping or tripping on her. You can simply send her "under" your chair.


Pupdate 02/08/2020

Mango working on her confidence today. I had her place on spots that were a bit more challenging to have her build confidence in herself and trust in me.


Pupdate 02/09/2020


Pupdate 02/10/2020

Working at the park with a friend. Today Mango practiced a lot of holding her commands even around a playful puppy who's tempting her otherwise.


Pupdate 02/11/2020

Mango practicing some loose leash heel at an outdoor mall. A good amount of distractions but she is getting better at ignoring them and sticking with her commands.


Pupdate 02/12/2020

Today Mango worked out around a distraction that seemed to really get her all amped up which was ducks and birds. She wanted to chase all of them so we worked heavily on her ignoring those distractions and holding her commands.


Pupdate 02/13/2020


Pupdate 02/14/2020

Mango at Victoria Gardens today to practice off leash heeling around people and to work on door manners at the shops. Mango is overwhelmed with excitement sometimes so we practice staying extra calm and not getting her too pumped up when she's off leash.



Mango showing off her "under" skills. We have been working on her completing commands while off leash and in front of an audience. She is getting more confident in herself and pushing through more distractions.


Pupdate 02/16/2020

Double doodle day! Mango spent some time playing with my dogs Ghost and Jinx. Mango practiced playing without overly jumping on other Pups. She also practiced off leash heeling and place with big distances paired with doggy distractions.


Pupdate 02/16/2020



Mango getting some off leash practice at the mall today. She is doing really well with holding heel and powering through distractions. Something's still scare her though like loud motorcycles so we are working on more desensitization this week.


Pupdate 02/18/2020

Mango today off leash at the block in Orange. She worked along side a few other pups currently enrolled in our board and train program. She did great off leash and is excited to show off some of her skills to mom and dad soon. Less than one week to go!


Pupdate 02/19/2020

Working with her best pal Duchess. Today was a warmer one so we got a little wet near some fountains and practiced doing commands around some furry company.



Mango practicing staying calm while meeting a new baby friend. Mango did very well and was extremely gentle with baby Kylo. She wanted to play but he was a bit afraid at first. After about 20 minutes he became more comfortable around her and they began to play together. Mango practiced being extra gentle with him and did great.



Mango off leash walking around Hollywood today! She did great around all the wacky distractions. Mango is so excited to show off her skills when she gets back home.


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