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Maggie | 18 month old | Newfoundland | Los Feliz, CA | In training 

Maggie was found wandering the neighborhood of East Whittier when her current owners claimed her. She is sweet, kind, gentle, until you ask her do perform a command. Maggie isn't a fan of other large dogs, but with proper socialization she is going to become a wonderful companion.


Pupdate 10/27/2019

This sweet girl lumbered all the way to Starbucks this morning. She heeled three miles (there and back) without incident.

Tried to capture a picture of the dog that Maggie went nuts on this morning. While she was fine walking there and back, when relaxing Maggie gave a voustrous bark at the other dog.


Pupdate 10/28/2019

If you notice, Maggie is shaking her head from time to time and she barks once. This is Maggie discovering the E-Collar. Trust that it is only being used to communicate that we want something from her. Also, it is being used at VERY low levels, consistently between 8-15. Most dogs take a couple of days before they cease fighting and start performing.


Pupdate 10/29/2019

Good morning, ahead of the walk this morning we had a lesson in socialization. Last night Maggie went a little bonkers on Oso while Oso was in his kennel. Today they were properly introduced to each other and things were better. Oso is a little apprehensive, but that can be expected.


Pupdate 10/29/2019

Afternoon heeling/sit lessons with the gentle leader.


Pupdate 10/30/2019

Maggie was helping with a history project last night, lol. Hopefully you can see that the space in the kennel room/office is rather snug. On the way to bed last night Maggie, already in the her kennel, lashed out at Oso walking by. Thought we had made some progress yesterday, but maybe one step forward, and two back? We will keep pressing the issue.


Pupdate 10/30/2019

Maggie was nice enough to stop with me at Chase to do some banking.

New camera, playing with filters. Maggie is working the place command.

In front of Station 8, Belmont Shore, CA. Place command.


Wanted you to see the raw footage of what heel and sit is looking like.


Pupdate 10/31/2019

I was very pleased this morning when they were able to play with each other. Again, raw footage, bad camera work, just wanted to share that Maggie is easing her reactive behavior towards Oso.


Afternoon Pupdate 10/31/2019

We walked to the top of Avocado Crest (about 500ft. elevation gain) and back this afternoon. Maggie made the entire journey OFF LEASH. That is Hacienda CC in the background.

Looking west at Catalina Island.

Facing south east towards Newport Beach.


Pupdate 11/01/2019

Afternoon stroll through downtown Brea.

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