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Maeve | Corgi | Long Beach, Ca

Pupdate 08/30/20

Welcome Maeve a 9 month old Corgi from Long Beach, Ca. She doesn't know anything yet but is becoming a quick learner. She will be learning how to be a fun and well behaved family member . She likes to pull on the leash, jump on people, and play bite. She will be learning more acceptable behaviors during the next 2 weeks.


Pupdate 08/31/20

Maeve did very well today. She has started to learn place and at first she refused to go onto the small stool but after a few repetitions she slowly got the hang of it. Her heel is coming along very nicely. She is understanding that when I stop she stops aswell as pulling will not get her to where she wants to go. Maeve got fed alittle extra with the added activity that she is getting and she ate everything within minutes.


Pupdate 09/01/20

Maeve did very well today. Her heel is looking very nice, she is walking politely past distractions and paying attention to the human on the other end if the leash. She is starting to learn the down command and is catching on fast. Maeve is eating and drinking normally aswell as relieving outside.


Pupdate 09/02/20

Maeve got to take a trip to the park today and work on her obedience skills with big distractions around. She worked on a long line and got the chance to explore while still working on her recall. She has trouble staying focused on one thing at a time but is building up her understanding of duration with commands. She is getting a lot better with not rushing through doorways, going out is easy for her to understand compared to coming in. She likes to try and zoom inside when asked to come through the doorway.


Pupdate 09/03/20

Maeve did very well today. She did some heeling while dragging the leash and due to her size she does trip over it quite easily but she continued to push through it with the help of some encouragement. We worked on tightening her heel with the help of some weave poles. She was a bit thrown off anytime she bumped into the a pole but we worked past it. She also worked on holding her place while another dog was playing in front of her. She did break the command a couple times but did manage to correct herself and in the end held a nice place.


Pupdate 09/04/20

Maeve did great today! She went to two different parks and worked on her place and heel while new dogs worked close by her. We have started working on getting her to jump up on things higher than a few inches off the ground. She doesn't quite have the understanding that she can jump higher but she does put in alot of effort to try and get up on something. She is building distance with her come and recalling off of distractions. She will sometimes try to cheat and sit further back but all in all is doing very well.


Pupdate 09/05/20

Maeve did very well today. It got hot super quick so we weren't outside much but she worked on heeling with another dog. She did amazing, didn't try to interact and held her commands. Her down is getting alot better and her place on higher objects although a challenge for her she is putting in lots of effort to try and get up. She did get a bit of an attitude when asked to walk nicely on the other side of me but we worked through it and she softened by the end of the walk.


Pupdate 09/06/20

Maeve did really good today. She went to the park while it was nice out and walked politely passed people and anytime she got distracted a simple "no" reminded her what to do. It was way to hot to be outside today so she worked inside on her down and coming in and out of the crate. She isn't super pleased about a collar being on her so I am using her dinner to associate a good thing with any collar being put on or near her. She got to walk on the treadmill today too. She at first didn't understand that she had to keep walking but after a couple minutes on she did great and relaxed at a comfortable pace.


Pupdate 09/07/20

Maeve is doing well today. She is eating and drinking nicely. She worked on her place and down skills today while on a walk. She is getting better with holding her "down" on place but does struggle with consistency, sometimes her stubbornness gets the best of her. She has gotten alot better with coming out of the crate willingly and is becoming more comfortable with the collars being put on. She has started to jump up on things when asked to "place" and has needed little assistance and is gaining lots of confidence in doing so.


Pupdate 09/08/20

Maeve did very well today. Her heel is very nice and she did a short off leash heel needing very little direction. Her down is getting so much better she did a down off leash and held it nicely. She worked on door manners, going in and out of them. She likes to rush through things to try and go quickly back to the crate so teaching her that that boundary isn't a cue for arousal is important. She did some recall in the house around other dogs and ignored them perfectly.


Pupdate 09/09/20

Maeve did very well today. She worked on down, place to place, and some off leash work. She gets very excited in the morning to go out so she gets alittle warm up on leash first to make sure she is paying attention before any off leash work. She is getting better about hopping up onto "place" objects. She does better with a small running start to help her momentum but she did great!


Pupdate 09/10/20

Maeve did very well today. She did the entire end of our walk off leash. And worked on her distance and duration down. She gets very excited in the morning so sometimes her brain forgets to tell her legs to stop moving. She spilled her water bowl and got dirty so I gave her a bath. She was not a fan of in for the majority of the bath but did calm down and settled for a bit.


Pupdate 09/11/20

Maeve did so very well today. She worked on her off leash heel, come, place, and duration with sit and down. She gets pretty amped to run to the place cot and enjoyed the little game. Her down command has improved significantly and she is holding it longer. On her off leash walk she did get startled/distracted by some spooked birds but still attempted to stay in the proper position. After we reworked it she did very good and behaved appropriately for the entire walk. She worked hard this morning and slept soundly for awhile.


Pupdate 09/12/20

Maeve did very well today. She did and off leash heel and place to place. She placed on this wobbly chair but got up with major confidence. She checks in nicely with her heel making sure she is in the right position. She does get a bit ahead of herself with the "place" command and occasionally anticipates the direction of where the place object is but otherwise does great.



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