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Madison | Weimaraner | Huntington Beach, CA | In-Training

meet Madison! Madison is a 2 year old Weimaraner from Huntington Beach, CA and she is joining us for our Two Week Board and strain Program. Madison pulls heavily on leash and needs help building her confidence outside of her home. Madison knows how to sit but needs to work on basic obedience and manners at home. Madison tends to counter surf and rush out the door when going out for walks. Overall, she is a sweet girl who is ready to learn! Check out for her 14 day transformation.


Pupdate 1/8/2023

Madison and I spent the day working on getting to know each other. She is very scared of everything around her and tried to scurry away from her reflection. It was a bit difficult working around any reflective surfaces or areas with loud noise since that would send her into a panic. We worked on just spending time with each other and bonding. I tried introducing her to her first command which was heel but she had a really hard time focusing. She would thrash in her leash when she didn’t want to walk in my home and tried to bite her leash when I tried to put her in her kennel. Overall, she is a good girl but needs some time to adjust. 


Pupdate 1/9/2023

Madison and I worked on her heel today. She did have a lot of trouble getting into the car kennel today. She would refuse to get in the kennel in the car and would throw herself back and thrash in her leash. We ended up taking a step back and worked from home. We worked on her heel but Madison was very frantic when in front of my home. We couldn’t pass a couple of houses with her stopping and refusing to keep walking. I tried to encourage her and even use treats to lure her but she would just jump up or bite her leash. You can see in the video she does the same thing in my driveway and would refuse to walk at times and would bite at her leash.  Madison definitely knows her strength and will use it to her benefit especially if she doesn’t want to do something. Walking around my home is also a bit difficult since she spooks everything we walk into a different area. We spent the remainder of the day working on bonding some more but she seemed not interested in me at all. 


Pupdate 1/10/2023

Madison and I spent the day working with another trainer. Since Madison tends to pull heavily and throw her weight around we had another trainer work her to see if her reaction was the same when she worked with me. Madison wasn’t happy with any leash pressure and would throw little tantrums like she did in the video. Madison would also try and pull back to home anytime we passed it. She struggles with leash pressure and gets overwhelmed easily. Instead of using the prong collar we opted out for a slip lead that went around her snout. She wasn’t a fan of it at first and tried to take it off with her paws. Because of this she ended up scratching her nose since her nails are a bit long. We ended up trimming her nails today. I also noticed that at times it’s hard to get Madison to sit quickly but this could be due to her being overweight. Madison’s back legs do go outwards and this could also be due to her weight. This causes there to be a lot of stress on her joints so it’s a little more difficult for her to walk for long or jump up onto things. Overall, Madison did make an improvement by the end but definitely needs a lot more work. 


Pupdate 1/11/2023

Madison and I worked on her heel today at a local park. She struggled a lot today and was still thrashing in her leash and tried to bite the leash. She would refuse to walk once we got a couple of feet down the road and tried to scratch her leash off. It took us a about 30 minutes to get a park that is only 5 minutes away since she would stop and plant herself and alligator roll on the ground. Once we got to the park Madison did not want to go anywhere near the play ground. It took us another 30 minutes for her to take a couple of steps toward without her wanting to pull back. Once we went back home, Madison had some of her breakfast that she didn’t finish eating. She did have an accident in her kennel so I gave her a bath. It seems she only had accidents in her kennel after I put her in after a training session. She refuses to use the restroom while we’re out in public.


Pupdate 1/12/2023

Madison and I worked with another trainer today. She did a lot better out in her walk today but was spooked every time there was a loud noise. She didn’t really thrash in her leash today. She would only thrash if she got spooked such as passing by a super tall fence. Madison also worked on her down today and was able to do it after a couple of minutes. We used a pup cup to help encourage her into a down and she was able to do it with no treats after some time. Madison is getting a lot better with going in and out of her kennel in my home but will still refuse to come out if she doesn’t feel like coming out. We ended the day by introducing come to sit and she seemed to kick it up quickly. Madison enjoyed an nice 4 mile walk today and was able to keep up with her buddy Oso. 


Pupdate 1/13/2023

Madison and I worked on all of her commands today. We started with the slip lead but then transitioned to just using her flat collar. Madison is becoming more confident out in public but still tends to spook easily. She did amazing getting out of the kennel today and working around other dogs and their trainers. Madison is improving but definitely still needs more work and exposure. We’re slowly increasing the distractions so we don't overwhelm her. She is doing such a great job. The first photo is from yesterday and the last two are from today! She looks so much happier and is really coming out of her shell!


Pupdate 1/14/2023

Madison and I spent time working on all of her commands. Madison wasn’t a big fan of the rain so she did struggle a bit with walking where it was wet. She didn’t like the rain in her head but was able to overcome it the more we worked on it. Madison did a great job working around the busy street in my neighborhood. We even went to watch a band that was practicing but made sure to stay a distance away since the drums were spoiling her. Madison is such a good girl and is definitely more confident but still very cautious. She spent the remainder of the day in my home where she was able to get used to some of her manners such as food and door. 


Pupdate 1/15/2023

Madison and I spent time working on all of her commands near a very busy park. Madison was really spooked by the children on the swings and would sometimes want to scurry ahead but she did a great job recovering with a bit of reassurance. Madison is improving greatly but still need to work on holding her sit and down since she tends to get up whenever she wants. Overall, she is such a good girl!


Pupdate 1/16/2023

Madison and I went to Home Depot today to work on all of her commands in a more distracting area. Madison didn’t like all of the noise and was pretty overwhelmed in the beginning. She would look around frantically and would tuck her tail and scurry forward. After a couple of minutes we were able to work on all of her commands in the store. She did huff at a couple of people and did try to move out of the way of the shopping carts. We worked on a lot on her door manners today since Madison wants to rush out the front door before I even get the chance to open it. This gave us the opportunity to work on her extended sit since that is something she really struggles with. We’re working on her extended down and she’s doing great so far! 


Pupdate 1/17/2023

Madison and I worked on all of her commands at Little Lake Park today! She did a great job but was really overwhelmed with all of the ducks. She was spooked and tried to get away from them but loved looking at them from a distance. She is doing such a great job with her place and down but we’re still working on getting her to hold them for an extended period of time. She tends to get spooked and wants to get up or gets distracted and wants to wander. Overall, she is doing a lot better but definitely needs more work on her confidence.


Pupdate 1/18/2023

Madison and I worked around her neighborhood and Huntington Beach Pier. She did get spooked with loud noises such as the floor grate but did a great job once we walked on it a couple of times. Madison also did great around her neighborhood and walking past other dogs and people. Madison still needs work on her sit especially if we’re in higher distraction areas, she tends to not want to sit or take some time to sit. Overall, she is such a good girl. 


Pupdate 1/19/2023

Madison went to Petsmart to work on all of her commands. She did such a great job but was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning with all of the shopping carts. She was in a really good mood today and had a bit of the zoomies. She was able to work on her greeting manners today when a people called her cute. She did shy away from them but tries her hardest. Madison also did great with other dogs at the Petsmart and ignored them. She did get a bit nervous when doing her down since there was so many carts passing her. Overall, she did such a great job today!


Pupdate 1/20/2023

Madison went to Santa Monica Pier where she was able to work on all of her commands. She did such a great job but was still spooked by loud noises such as the rollercoaster or construction. She did amazing but did have a bit of runny stool today. I went ahead and added pumpkin purée to her kibble to soothe her tummy. 


Pupdate 1/21/2023

Madison and I spent the day working on all of her commands. She is such a good girl and has definitely improved. Madison did have an upset tummy today so I made sure to take her out frequently. She drank plenty of water and I added rice and pumpkin purée to her dinner to help soothe her tummy. She enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing in my home. She did such a great job and I can’t wait to show you all the progress she’s made tomorrow! 


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