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Madeline | Miniature Goldendoodle | Santa Monica, CA | In-Training

Meet Madeline, a 7 month Mini Goldendoodle from Santa Monica, CA who has joined us for our 3 week Board and Train program. Madeline comes to learn about her basic obedience training and eventually offleash training. Madeline has a tendency to nip for attention and jumps on people when first engaging. Over the next 21 days Madeline will understand how to be social and well mannered amongst others, Check in to see her progress with us as trainers!


Pupdate 11/20/2022

Madeline worked with Cristian who is her trainer at the moment, Cristian spent the morning getting to know Madeline letting her smell the grass and get energy out. Once she started to settle, Cristian introduced Madeline to heel, which is to stay by the trainer's side. Madeline slowly started to pick up where Cristian wanted her but would still drift off since it's only the first day of knowing each other. Madeline wasn't comfortable going in the crate at first but over time she settled only giving minimal cries for attention. As she got quiet she was rewarded with praise and would maintain her calmness and fell asleep inside. Madeline hasn't eaten but will have food left in her crate for her to eat. Madeline did have a noticeable redness in her eye from allergies but not being bothered by it nor is she scratching her face since she's been with her trainer, if anything comes up it will be updated in the pupdate the following day.


Pupdate 11/21/2022

Madeline was introduced to the place command today while working at a park in Anaheim today. Madeline had no problem learning this task since Cristian has been practicing with this command on a dog bed. Madeline is signaled using hand gestures to help better communicate what has to be learned. At times Cristian used treats to help motivate Madeline which worked, but weaned her off the treats so she doesn't have a habit of only wanting the treats since she's still a young pup. Any time Cristian noticed Madeline would break her command, which is her being done working, Cristian redirected her at the moment she would lift her buttocks from a sit. As she started to pick everything up Cristian timed her trying to extend the sit for about 30 seconds the most then breaking her. Cristian would challenge her to go longer but since its the beginning of them being used to each other Cristian will start slow and work towards longer durations of time. Madeline is eating at a normal pace now. Madeline's eye is still the same with no change, when it's windy its noticeable her eye seems in discomfort but still able to train and hasn't scratched her face from irritation.


Pupdate 11/22/2022

Madeline went to a local pet store to practice some training around distractions. Today's focus was staying engaged and heeling around the store. Madeline was able to maintain herself most of the time but at moments she would try to do whatever she wanted but was always redirected by her trainer. After being there for a while, Madeline started to follow Cristian better throughout the store and letting people pass by as they were walking or shopping. Madeline's eye is still the same, her eye booger hasn't been coming out as much since she isn't outside when it's windy, also Cristian cleaned around her eye since there was random debris from the eye. Madeline is still happy training showing no irritation towards her eye. Madeline is still crying sometimes in her crate but it has dimmed down since she has first been at her trainer's house. Madeline was known for crying or barking in the middle of the night but hasn't done that at all since she's always being trained before she goes to sleep.


Pupdate 11/23/2022

Madeline stayed local today going for her walks conditioning her heel, and focused today on her door manners at home with Cristian. Madeline practiced her place on a dog bed that is next to the door so it puts more of a challenge to Madeline to understand she has to keep herself on the bed till she's given her break. She did well for this first time even though she would try to get up from the bed at times. As she practices this more each day, she will be more well mannered to walk out rather than running or letting her curiosity take over the situation. At one point Madeline submitted offleash to Cristians correction just by his voice and went into a down, at the same moment when Cristian noticed that he rewarded her with the praise of good down for adjusting herself in that position. Madeline's eye is the same and no changes in her current state, less wind today so not as much debris coming from the eye.


Pupdate 11/24/2022

Madeline was introduced to the E-collar and has worked on all the obedience she's learned on leash so far. Madeline worked on learning her recall today, which is come to sit. Cristian signals her with his hand he keeps talking to her by saying come and once she has made it around his body he will say sit and if she does it properly she is rewarded. There are hand signals Cristian uses when asking Madeline for a task. Cristian had a door open outside the camera view so Madeline was able to hear some of the noises of birds, dogs, and other people in the neighborhood. She was distracted just by the noise alone but Madeline was redirected by the remote. Madeline was able to perform this task 2 times today without the use of the remote but with more days to come she will learn to do this off leash. Madelines eye is starting to show more white, only the eye booger seems to show at times but redness has dimmed down


Pupdate 11/25/2022

Madeline went to a local park by her trainer's house, bringing along his brother to help out with specific training situations. Cristian had his brother run around Madeline and the park to challenge her keeping her place rather than running off just because she sees someone running in general. She did well practicing her place and all of her other obedience commands. There were 2 dogs that happened to pass by her and she did break from her place but was redirected by her trainer both times it happened. Madeline is still showing excitement towards dogs outside of a house but will work on her manners being around different dogs. Madeline's eye is starting to look more white but still has eye boogers in the morning, once Cristian is awake he cleans her eye off with wipes. Madeline got to play with Hunter, Cristians personal dog and got along really well after being separated for so long. Hunter is very gentle with Madeline when they play.


Pupdate 11/26/2022

Madeline focused on conditioning her heel today with Cristian but also his little brother Nick who is aware of dog training. Cristian had walked Madeline multiple times before letting Nick walk her with the E-Collar. Madeline had no trouble listening to Nick, listening to every time he asked for a heel and staying at his pace. Cristian instructed Nick on what to do beforehand to not give so much praise of attention since Madeline is still young it could excite her to jump on Nick but she was able to perform what was needed today. Madeline does jump out of excitement still so Cristian will focus her greeting manners on the following days coming up. Madeline's eye is white today with some eye booger still showing up but she is still confident training showing no signs of discomfort.


Pupdate 11/27/2022

Madeline went to a park in Fullerton today with Cristian to focus more on heeling with more distractions in a different environment. Madeline did well staying close by her trainer's side, keeping a steady pace and listening to every obedience when asked. Madeline had passed some people on walks with their dogs, making no eye contact and keeping her head straight as she was being asked for heels on the walk. Madeline also practiced staying on her bed when guests came over to Cristians house to visit his parents. Cristian took the opportunity to focus on keeping Madeline on her bed as guests socialize in the house. She was curious to meet the people who came over but Cristian redirected her back onto her bed each time she got off. After a while as she started to rest and fall asleep Cristian then gave her a break so Madeline was able to say hi as she wanted, not jumping on the guest.


Pupdate 11/28/2022

Madeline went to a park in El Monte, CA to work around other dogs as distractions. Madeline worked on being really patient around the other trainers with their dogs that they are working with. Madeline's goal for today was to stay in a down or sit while other dogs passed around her. She did really well keeping herself in a down while working with McKenna but would sometimes want to not go into a down right away. Madeline also practiced walking through small gaps in-between other dogs as well, doing the task as needed. Towards the end of the practices, Madeline spent some time sitting next to other goldendoodles taking pictures.


Pupdate 11/29/2022

Madeline went to a park that was local to her, the park that she and Cristian went to had a dog park next to it, so Cristian took the time to train Madeline with dogs as distractions. While they were outside of the dog park some of the dogs approached Madeline along the gate and were only looking at her. Madeline was calm and would always check on Cristian if it was ok to approach so when Cristian would guide her closer to the dogs she would smell them as close as she could and was able to be more confident when being approached by a bigger dog. Cristian also took the time to focus on leash dragging along the gate side of the park. Madeline did well for her first time leash dragging.


Pupdate 11/30/2022

Madeline got to walk this morning alone with Cristian and worked on leash dragging. Cristian always had the remote in his hand, being aware of Madeline's action, but she did very well staying close by him the entire time. As they got closer to the house Cristian would randomly practice Madeline's recall to see if she could follow through, which she did. Once they were back at his house he continued to follow through with more repetitions and to see how often Madeline could continue her recall. She did good most of the time but did break her sits twice which she was redirected by the E-collar. Once Cristian asks Madeline for sit after she comes around him she has to still stay in that sit until she's asked for her next command. Cristians main focus for this practice is his hand signal he implements while saying come. It helps as a guide to be specific to Madeline on what he's asking so she can follow through.


Pupdate 12/1/2022

Madeline went to a park next to Cristians brother's school to focus on some training, since most of the parents walk through the park Cristian had Madeline in an ideal place to train before picking up his brother from school. Madeline was calm watching kids play soccer but had the curiosity in her face to see the kids playing, other kids in the playground she didn't mind being there. During this whole time she was in a sit until given her break. Madeline had two children come up to her who wanted to say hi, with Cristian permission he said yes and that she's in training so just to pet her belly as they did. Madeline was in her sit but was still licking the kids hands as they pet her belly. As they left Cristian goes to a specific spot to wait for his brother, during that time Madeline was in a sit having all the kids pass by her giving her compliments on what a nice dog she seems like and how pretty she is.


Pupdate 12/2/2022

Madeline went to the Block of Orange in Orange CA to do offleash obedience work. Madeline did really well for staying close to Cristian's side, but would still sometimes stay at her own spot if Cristian drifted off himself to see if Madeline would notice. As they kept practicing she started to keep the same pace and position closer to Cristian. Only once did Madeline get distracted when someone was giving her attention making baby noises as they passed by her but she was redirected by Cristian. Madeline also got to practice her greeting manners with people who wanted to say hi to her, she did well but would still lick a person's hand as they are petting her.


Pupdate 12/3/2022

Madeline went in the morning for her walk and daily obedience training at a local park near Cristian's house. Madeline got to spend most of the day playing with Hunter, Cristian's personal dog, who had hit it off once Madeline's eye was starting to get better. Once they approached each other they were best friends from the start. Madeline is typically the craziest one between the two when they play together but Hunter is nice and gentle with her and knows how to correct Madeline if she acts out of place while playing.


Pupdate 12/4/2022

Madeline went for a walk this morning practicing offleash walking with Cristian's little brother, Madeline did well for staying close by, only going to the grass once trying to smell the grass. As Madeline got to play and train with Nick, Cristian started working on house manners again but offleash. Cristian had Madeline focus today with door manners making sure she can keep her sit while Cristian does a variety of distractions to see if she would get up. Madeline did well for only having to get redirected once while practicing. As the video ends someone with their dog was actually passing by and Cristian asked Madeline for a heel going towards the backyard again and she listened without paying any attention to the dog.


Pupdate 12/5/2022

Madeline went to a park in El Monte again today to work on some more offleash walking and greeting manners. Madeline was well behaved being pet by other trainers and trainers coming up to her with their dogs. Madeline was given time on her break to walk as far as she wanted, when Cristian would ask for a recall at first Madeline ignores because she's so invested in the grass but with the remote he redirects her once and she comes back without hesitation. Cristian did notice at times when Madeline is in a sit or if a dog is staring at her for too long as they pass by her, she sometimes breaks from her sit but is redirected as usual.


Pupdate 12/6/2022

Madeline got to work on some extra training obedience today so Cristian wanted to focus on keeping Madeline in a specific area she's not used to, so he taught her under. This command can be used for putting a dog bed under a table if her owners take her out to eat or any social environment that allows dogs, placing the dog bed under in a specific spot can Madeline learn how to stay under tables even if her parents leave for just a moment. Madeline caught on to this quickly but Cristian still wants to focus this outside where there are more distractions for her. Cristian also taught Madeline how to give her paw to someone when asked thanks to Nick, his brother for trying too hard to teach Madeline this obedience command.


Pupdate 12/7/2022

Madeline got exercise in the morning, went to pick up Cristians brother from his school again and once they returned home Cristian worked on a new obedience command for Madeline. Madeline got to practice her back up obedience command which is just to walk backwards. In the beginning Cristian has to signal to Madeline to take one step back and once she does that he can reward her and take the next level for this obedience lesson. At times Cristian will have treats in his hand and keep it closed so Madeline can figure out how to get the treat from his hand. Once Madeline starts to take a couple steps back at a time he starts to reward her with the treat by slowly opening up his hand. As they practiced Madeline wanted to give up already and make things difficult but Cristian kept following through to help Madeline learn a new obedience.


Pupdate 12/8/2022

Madeline went to a park in Costa Mesa to work on more offleash obedience. Madeline was walking around the park the majority of the time offleash and also went for a small run with Cristian around the park staying close to his side. Cristian's focus was to have Madeline get sent away to her place from multiple distances and on different objects. Madeline listened the majority of the time but there was one moment she wasn't trying to listen but Cristian was consistently redirecting Madeline back into a come to sit until she placed herself back to his side. Madeline got to play with a puppy today that was working with another trainer, helping the puppy bring out his confidence and being his first friend to play with today.


Pupdate 12/9/2022

Madeline went to a shopping center in LA called Westfield Century City to work on some offleash obedience. Security had Cristian keep Madeline on a leash but was still able to train as they wanted so they were able to still work on all obedience commands around the shopping center. At one point Cristian wanted to practice Madeline's extended down with the traffic of people passing by. Some people were giving Madeline comments as they passed by on how calm and relaxed she was sitting down. The remainder of the visit Madeline stayed in a heel walking around the shopping center until they left.


Pupdate 12/10/2022

Madeline went to Home Depot in Anaheim today to work offleash around distractions. As Madeline walked throughout the store she stayed close to Cristian maintaining her heel the whole duration of the visit. Madeline worked on her extended sit while people were passing by giving compliments on how well behaved she was. Only once when a forklifted passing by with a beeper going off in the background, Madeline did get up from her sit scared of the forklift coming towards her direction, but Madeline was given her recall going around Cristian letting the forklift pass by and returning into a come to heel to walk again in the store. Madeline is excited to show her parent's everything she has learned. Madeline has learned all of her obedience offleash, ignoring distractions and being a more well mannered pup for her household!



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