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Maadi | 1 year old | Pug | Single Hill, CA | In Training

Update #6

Im super happy of this little guys progress! I mean, he came a long way from not being able to stay in one spot to being able to hold any command a lot longer with distractions around. He’s always happy and driven!


Update #5

The park is our current training aid. With kids, dogs, and other animals around. Full of distractions to learn better obedience. He's doing a great job by obeying the commands I’m giving him. Like “Down” while kids are running around.


Update #4

Practicing our “Heels” during our morning walks was great! Learning not to pull on the leash and to be totally distracted. The goal is to have Maddie right beside your left leg. He’s getting it and making progress for sure!


Update #3

Learning some door manners is also very important. When a pup sees a door open, they get very curious on what’s outside. It can lead into safety issues, so training Maadi to not just run out the door is another check in the box! Great job buddy!


Update #2

So far, Maadi favorite command is “Place”. This is where you have the pup sit onto any object and sit. It builds the obedience to stay on it till told another command. Now that he knows the command, we’ll be adding distractions soon!


Update #1

So happy and so excited for everything! Maadi is here for the next two weeks to learn commands and to be more obedient. Major concerns is that he loves to chew on anything fabric, like pillows. We’re going to be working on right from wrong Also. Stay tuned for the next two weeks to see his progress!!

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