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Luna | Santa Monica, Ca | Aussiedoodle |

Luna is settling in very nicely to her new surroundings. She has worked on come, sit, and not pulling on the leash. She overall does pretty well with some of the basics but definitely chooses when to listen to the handler. Luna is learning how to jump up into her crate on her own. When she arrived I did pick her up to put her in the crate and she got very vocal and snappy. We will be working on getting Luna more comfortable being touched over her body.


Pupdate 09/28/20

Luna did good today. She worked on come, heel, sit, and place. Right now we are just getting Luna used to the motions of the commands and what our expectations are while she still gets used to wearing the e-collar. She did good with learning what place is, in the beginning she did have a little tantrum when she felt leash pressure guiding her to the object but we worked through it and she was able to get on and off of the place object very well by the end of the session. Luna is very good at checking in but does like to do her own thing so we will be working on keeping her attention on her handler. She is eating all her food, drinking her water and pottying normally.


Pupdate 09/29/20

Luna is doing good in her training so far. She has been working on come, heel, place, sit and giving into leash pressure. Luna has a habit of rearing up on her hind legs and trying to grab the leash with her paws to prevent anyone from guiding her via her collar. We are working through it to get her to understand that there is nothing wrong with leash pressure and that trying avoid it is not the correct response. She fought quite a bit to avoid going onto place but the more we worked through it the better she got. Her heel is getting better, she likes anticipate movement and then react how she believes is correct so we are working on getting her to listen better.


Pupdate 09/30/20

Luna is doing well in her training. She is learning how to do come to sit, place, down and heel in the neighborhood. Luna is getting better about not freaking out over collar pressure. She still had some moments where she would rear up and try to wrap her paws around the leash to prevent it from being used. We just worked through it everytime until she relaxed and once she relaxed she got lots of pets. Luna worked on coming into the heel position and walking nice and close past people. She still gets distracted but did very well when redirected. Luna is learning the ecollar stim and how it works with the commands.


Pupdate 10/01/20

Luna did very well today. She went to the park and got to work around dogs and people passing by. She only reared up once and then was more relaxed to work with after that moment. She is getting better at relaxing into leash pressure and not trying to fight it. Luna got to walk on the treadmill before going onto place to help her settle better. She held place very well politley waiting to be released. Luna is starting to learn that she must hold all her commands until released regardless of the distractions around her. Luna is eating and drinking everything gives to her well.


Pupdate 10/02/20

Luna did very well today. She worked on holding distance sits, down and place while people, dogs, kids and squirrels passed by. She broke her sit a few times but was easily corrected and worked through it again. Luna is fighting alot less when she feels pressure on her neck and the outbursts are smaller than before. She still has small moments where she no longer wants to work and then will try to fight the leash or command by putting the brakes on and refusing to move forward or putting her paw(s) on the leash to prevent the guiding and we are just working through it and teaching her that, that is not how the leash stops moving her. She is doing really good holding her place command and has improved on her heel when going through weave poles.


Pupdate 10/03/20

Luna did very well today. She worked on her basic commands outside a dog park barley caring for them. She was more excited to go back to the car than pay attention to the dogs so we worked on car loading and recalling to a sit for unloading. At first she was reluctant to come back out of the car but we worked through this and repeated it until Luna came willingly and completely. She held a place on a picnic table feet away from the dog park fence and was hardly phased.


Pupdate 10/04/20

Luna went to the park today and worked on heeling past dogs and people. She did very well holding the correct position and checking in. She did try and slow down but otherwise did great! Luna also worked on place with an uneven rock. At first she was more interested in sniffing the rock versus sitting on it but after a few repetitions she was nicely going up and sitting when asked. Luna worked on recalling from the rock, at first she tried to stop early but the more we worked it the more she improved. Very happy with how well she did today


Pupdate 10/05/20

Luna worked on dragging a leash around the neighborhood and holding proper position. She gets really excited in the morning and sometimes gets an excited hop in her step. When this happens we pause and go slowly making her hold the commands instead of breeze through them to try and get her into working mode. Luna worked on her house manners like holding place while people walked around, ate, loud music played, and another dog passed by. She did very well containing herself and even started to fall asleep.


Pupdate 10/06/20

Luna went to the park today and worked on her off leash obedience. She heeled through weave poles and did distance down and place. Luna did very well for the most part only having one big mess up of breaking command to try and say hi to another trainers dog. We worked around this and repeated it until she got the correct behavior. Luna did very well holding her down while another dog passed by her and a controlled her impulse when someone tried to get her attention.


Pupdate 10/07/20

Luna did very well today. She took a trip with her handler to a pet store and did amazingly well holding all of her commands inside the store. Luna even quickly recalled when a stranger's dogs tried to greet her. She was a little restless in the car at the beginning but after a few corrections and the down command she settled perfectly for the rest of the ride. Luna held a beautiful heel throughout the neighborhood staying close and intune with her handler.


Pupdate 10/08/20

Luna worked on her off leash heel today and did very well. She tends to be very excited in the morning so she first gets a walk on leash before any off leash work just to make sure she is paying attention. Luna is doing very well ignoring distractions and paying attention to her handler. She does like to pop up here and there from a command as she tries to anticipate what the next move is. Luna is really smart so she picks up on patterns, we will try to switch things up so she can't anticipate what is about to be asked next this will help her to generalize the commands better.


Pupdate 10/09/20

Luna got to work on her off leash heel in a new neighborhood and did very well. She heeled nicely through the neighborhood past trash, dogs, and people. Luna did very well loading into the car while a loud trash truck drove by and she barely noticed. Luna is doing very well waiting for her food and waiting before coming out of the crate.


Pupdate 10/10/20

Luna did good today. She worked on her off leash heel at a park and her on leash heel on a longline. Luna worked on her place to place command with some picnic benches and at first was unsure of the distance being asked of her tongo from one spot to another but after working it a few times she got the hang of it. Luna also got to work on her come command from different angles. She did very well coming around to her handler when called from the top of a table.



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