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Luna | Rottweiler | Palos Verdes, Ca | In-training

Meet Luna, the 6 month old Rottweiler from Palos verdes! She is very strong, sweet, and energetic. She is here for our Two-Week Board and Train Program to learn basic commands and manners! Stay tuned for her super pawsome transformation !!


Pupdate: 5/30/21

Luna is a very cute girl! We spent time to get to know each other, and become more comfortable. She didn’t waste anytime eating her dinner, and she slept nice and comfortable in the crate after using the treats to encourage her in. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


PUPDATE 5/31/21

Luna had a great 1st day! We went on a nice walk to start the day right, and then we went to a calm park and jumped right into some basic training! We started with the “place” command, and slowly transitioned into her recall. So far so good, we still have a lot to learn! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson!


Pupdate: 6/1/21

Luna is such a sweet girl! Her place command Is a lot cleaner than it was yesterday, and her recall was good for her 1st lessons. So far she is eating her meals, and using the restroom regularly. Luna is definitely on her way to improvement, keep up with her progress!!


Pupdate: 6/2/21

Luna had a good day out in Beverly Hills! It took her awhile to get used to walking on a leash, but she figured it out and was walking with great confidence! She’s seems to be learning quick which is a great sign! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s activities.


Pupdate: 5/3/21

Luna worked a lot on her recall, at the park with light distraction’s. She did well after a couple times I used the leash to help guide her in the right position. Treats helped her get there along the way too! So far place is her favorite command, we also worked on her recall from place, and she did great! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson !


Pupdate: 6/4/21

Today Luna did well with her lesson at the duck pond! She learned so much today, she was a super sleepy puppy at the end of our night! Luna is still fearful of fast cars buses, and sirens with more walks we will soon build that confidence to remind her she’s okay! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s journey!


Pupdate: 6/5/21

Luna did a great job with her recall command today, even with distraction’s going on at the parks we stopped by. “Place“ is her favorite command still, she enjoys jumping onto her “place.” I’ve noticed she’s not a fan of fast moving vehicle’s, but still does well with maintaining her heel when told. She is doing a great job!


Pupdate: 6/6/21

Luna is doing well, today she did good with her heel. In these next couple of days I want to focus on her recall and her duration sit and down. To help really get her dialed into knowing the command given. Stay tuned for her prawgress !!


Pupdate: 6/7/2021

Luna is doing well with her commands, we are really working hard on her duration sit, and I know she’s going to nail It in no time! Her heel command is better, when we go on our morning walks but she’s still not a fan of the busses or trucks. With more walks, she soon will be able ignore those scary loud vehicles. She is doing well with her recall, and place is still her favorite command! stay tuned for tomorrow’s pupdate!


Pupdate: 6/8/21

Luna has definitely become the city girl! She got a chance to go by Hollywood Blvd, and the Grove! She did so well and had great confidence working on her commands a distraction! Keep up the good work Luna! Her confidence has grown, and she has gotten so much better with her heel command! Stay tuned for more fun!


Pupdate: 6/9/21

Luna today was such a good girl at the Block of Orange! She did great with her heel, we even worked on that command while letting the leash drag behind her! She is starting to really understand the commands and her confidence has become fearless. She is doing a great job on doing what shes supposed to do, great job Luna! stay tuned for more improvments !!


Pupdate: 6/10/21

Luna did such a great job with her commands today! She did a good with her distractions around her while letting the leash drag behind, good job Luna! She has improved so much and I’m super proud of her, stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdate: 6/11/21

Today was a great Friday for Luna. She did a great job walking through the crowds at Santa Monica Pier! She has learned so much during this journey and gained so much confidence! Luna has improved on her heel, duration commands and her recall. With everyday practice as she grows older she will one day know the command with her eyes closed! Be on the look out for Lunas final video!


Pupdate: 6/12/21

Luna had a great last day. She had an easy day, and worked through her commands. I’m definitely going to miss seeing her sweet face every morning ready for the next adventure. She has definitely improved on her commands and her behavior. Good girl Luna !! Be on the look out for her final video!



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