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Luna | Pit Bull/Lab Mix | Santa Monica, Ca | In - Training

Meet Luna! She is joining us from Santa Monica, Ca. She is with us for our One-Week Board and Train. Luna is a sweet lovable girl who needs to work on her leash manners. She loves food and toys but it not a fan of sharing. She is such a sweet girl and I can't wait to see what she learns in her stay with us!


Pupdate 10/18/20

Luna spent her first day getting to know her new environment and had her e collar introductions. She ate most of her food and went for a walk in the neighborhood to work on her recall. She also really enjoys the crate so far.


Pupdate 10/19/20

Luna is slowly warming up! Making great progress today being hand fed by my brother and nephew! She also showed me her tricks tonight! She was very excited for training for dinner she offered play dead and shake! It was so cute! She ate all her food and is learning I'm pretty cool, I have the really yummy sweet potato treats! We worked on come to sit and added new place objects to work on and introduced loose leash walking!


Pupdate 10/20/20

Luna went to a new park today and worked around other dogs and trainers. We worked on her heel and recall around distractions. She ate all her food and loves her crate! In the evening we worked on her duration place while we watched Umbrella Academy on Netflix.


Pupdate 10/21/20

Luna worked on her heel today and weave poles! She also worked on her duration place, increasing her time to a full episode. We worked around dog and people distractions.


Pupdate 10/22/20

Luna spent the day working around other people. We went to a supermarket and heeled around the stores. She ate extra food today to make up for our extra walking, she definitely liked that!


Pupdate 10/23/20

Luna went to the park today with other trainers to work around other people and dogs. We worked on her heel and place. She also worked on greetings with two new safe people (other close family)


Pupdate 10/24/20

Luna went to two parks today. She is all packed and ready to see her mom again. We snuggled and relaxed. At the parks we worked around kids and scooters. As well as the place command and door manners



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