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Luna | Maltipoo | Los Angeles, Ca | In Training

Pupdate 09/13/20

I would like to welcome Luna! Luna is here for a 2 week board and train. She likes to pull on the leash jump on people, pull towards dogs and other people along with doesn't know any commands really. She is a super sweet young girl and I am excited to see her progress.

Luna has started to wear her ecollar with no stim just so she gets used to the weight and snugness of the collar. She has started to learn that pulling gets her nowhere and has already improved in her walking skills.


Pupdate 09/14/20

Luna is still settling in to her new routine. She has been working on come, sit, place and heel. Her heel has improved tremendously but she still has along way to go. Luna tends to hyper focus on things passing by so we have been working on redirecting her attention to me. She isn't a fan of the crate right now and does bark occasionally but for day 2 she is doing good.


Pupdate 09/15/20

Luna is still getting the hang of things here. She does have some separation anxiety and alot of anxiousness so we are working through that to help her relax. She gets very focus on everything around but has gotten alot better at checking in and noticing when I turn. She is learning how to pair the ecollar with the commands and has started to learn down. She still has a long way to go but is making progress.


Pupdate 09/16/20

Luna doesn't care too much to eat all her food so I have added some pumpkin this time try and entice her to eat more. It did work and she ate more than before and seemed to like the taste. She gets very anxious in the crate and whenever she sees something pass so we have been working on getting her to relax and calm down before she comes out. It takes a bit but it's worth it with the difference it helps her mentally. She worked on place and down today with distractions. A dog and some people passed by and even complimented her and she held every command.


Pupdate 09/17/20

Luna is making lots of improvement with her commands and mindset. One of the biggest this for her is that she can't just relax. We have worked on her relaxing in her crate before she comes out by waiting until she laid down before I open the door. Her whining, barking, and excessive spinning when I approached the kennel is almost completely gone. She is doing very well on her heel even when passing other dogs. She doesn't like being directed where to go so place has been a tough one for her to grasp completely but she is working on it.


Pupdate 09/18/20

Luna went to the park today for some training and did okay. She was startled by trucks passing and everything in the environment seemed to cause her to get amped up and flighty. We worked on heeling calming down the street and did some place on the different benches we found. She does try to fight the command by raising up on her hind legs or jumping back but we worked through it.


Pupdate 09/19/20

Luna showed alot of progress today. She worked on settling in the crate and took less time to relax than yesterday. She walked on the treadmill for a couple minutes and that helped put her in a better headspace to work on some commands. Luna held a place while someone new sat a few feet away from her and she only got up a couple times, but after a few corrections she understood what the plan was and settled down falling asleep. Her appetite has improved and Luna has been finishing her meals.


Pupdate 09/20/20

Luna has made huge improvements. She is fighting less on the leash and is holding her commands longer. She is working on jumping up on higher things. Luna likes to try and avoid going up onto things by ducking underneath then but has gotten better about committing to the command. She is eating all of her meals now and is relaxing in her crate even with commotion going on. Everything in her environment still excites her but she is starting to understand that she can relax around all this stimulation.


Pupdate 09/21/20

Luna worked on a lot of duration commands to help her learn how to hold it even in uncomfortable situations. She did very good holding a place and down while a puppy played infront of her. She has gotten better at eating all of her food but only with some wet food mixed in. Luna does have a preyy good prey drive so we are working on her not chasing after birds or squirrels. She also went to the parked and worked on heeling through weave poles. The wet grass distracted her quite a bit but she started to get the concept. Luna definitely has a "I don't like to be told what to do" mentally that still sticks with her from time to time.


Pupdate 09/22/20

Luna did alot better today. She worked on door manners and heeling while dragging a long line. She gets more excited to come in compared to going out so when asked to "come" and face the outside with her back facing the inside of the house, she tends to try and dart in or sit facing the inside. All we do is repeat it until she relaxes enough to sit in the proper position and then she gets to go in. She does try to test her handler quite a bit but we stay clear with what we want and we help her get there.


Pupdate 09/23/20

una worked on her recall today while walking around a small gass area. After warming her up for about 15 minutes she was doing very well with her come to heel. Luna worked on dragging the leash for the last bit of the walk. She held a place inside while people walked in and out only get up a few times.


Pupdate 09/24/20

Luna did good today. She worked on place to place and door manners. She does good with place to place when the objects are close but tries to avoid them when they are further apart. Before a walk she settled on place only getting up once towards the end. Luna needs daily physical and mental stimulation otherwise she gets carried away with herself and will test her handler alot.


Pupdate 09/25/20

Luna did okay today. She worked on her off leash heel and did good but the environment really caused her flight instincts to kick in. She has so much spent up mental stress and new places cause her to become flighty and want to dart every time she hears something strange or loud. Luna worked more on leash around the loud sounds and she calmed down alittle but would lurk up again at the next one. She worked on placing on a tree stump, it took a few goes before she calmed down and accepted that she needed to stay there but in the end did very well.


Pupdate 09/26/20

Luna did good today. She worked on some distance sit and down. She still gets flighty in her environment when dragging the leash so we worked on it and she improved in the end. She walked on the treadmill while loud sounds happened around her and at first was startled but very quickly realized nothing bad happens when the loud sound goes off. She will need a good structured routine to help her get more comfortable in new environments and hold her accountable for her behavior.



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